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NH Democrats “Improve” HB 628: They Cut The Benefit Time in Half and Hike the Income Tax by 34%

The New Hampshire Income Tax is not dead yet. Yes, the subcommittee recommended the bill as inexpedient to legislate, and odds are improving that the full committee will follow suit, but the subcommittee minority report included an amendment that is (presumably) meant … Continue reading

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HB 1347: AN ACT relative to information to be included in the minutes under the right-to-know law.

David Talor of Durham NH, a member of RTKNH, provided the testimony to the House Judiciary Committee in support of HB 1347. I am David K. Taylor of Durham, New Hampshire. I served for 12 years on the Oyster River School … Continue reading

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ACLU Objects to Use of ‘American’ In SOTU Speech

When I hear the President use the word “American” it means, you, me, us, the United States, that sort of thing. When the ACLU hears ‘American,’ at least coming from Mr. Trump, it means something else. | More at GraniteGrok.com … Continue reading

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Needless Homeschool Regulation

The House Education Committee recently held a public hearing on HB 1263, a bill that would reinstate unnecessary annual reporting requirements for homeschool students. Representatives Hall was packed with homeschool supporters, overflowing the chamber and gallery, extending to the elevators.  | Keep Reading … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Need to Study Decriminalizing Prostitution

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to study decriminalizing prostitution at the behest of pro-prostitution activists. Some of our Representatives were manipulated into believing that decriminalizing the practice of the buying people for sex would be compassionate. In reality, … Continue reading

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5 Times Democrats Should Have Stood and Clapped During Trump’s State of the Union — But Didn’t

When President Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union address last night, Democrats weren’t happy about it. It was a real shame, because Trump offered them many olive branches — libertarians would say he gave them too many. … Continue reading

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New Hampshire to fight internet sales tax

CONCORD — Gov. Chris Sununu and Attorney General Gordon MacDonald announced Wednesday that the state of New Hampshire will argue to the U.S. Supreme Court that it should not overrule existing precedent in a manner that would expose New Hampshire … Continue reading

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