Here’s the Guy Trying to “Buy” Some Space in the NH Constitution

Henry T Nicholas III political givingDemocrats like to talk about “keeping money out of politics.” Well, meet Henry T. Nicholas III, a wealthy Corporate baron. One of those ‘Big’ corporation guys the left ‘hates’ so much.  He’s also the brother of Marsalee, the woman for whom Marsy’s Law is named, and the money behind the push to amend the NH Constitution under the cover of “victims rights” reform.

Henry T. x3 has spent several million in New Hampshire already to advance his pet project to the detriment of victims, the constitutional protections of the accused, but that’s peanuts compared to the $29.49 million he has spent on political initiatives over the past nine years.

Twenty-nine-point-four-nine million (and change) is a lot of “money in politics.” Anyone averse to such an exercise should be appalled. I’m not appalled, just for the record. It’s his money he can spend it how he likes. It’s Democrats who should be appalled. He’s obviously some rich white guy who stole that money from “single moms, working stiffs and people of color.™”

But if he did it to advance some progressive cause, screw those people.

Here’s a list of his “investments” in political activity to push Marcy’s Law. (click to enlarge.)

Marsys Law expenditures

There’s at least $27 million of it, give or take. And that’s without knowing how much he has dumped into the Granite State. Those numbers are not yet available. Early estimates are at least 2 million dollars but as one commenter on Facebook noted,

With 12 hired lobbyists, FB ads, mailings, luncheons and more, $2 million doesn’t begin to touch it.

We should start a lotto. Guess the amount. If you use the list above as a guide, you could probably ballpark it. Say, 2.7-3.2 million.

That’s a very expensive “political campaign” in this state. That’s just one guy. Trying to buy a spot in the State Constitution for a change that is worse for victims and bad for everyone’s rights.

Now, maybe I’m presumptuous. Not every Democrat wants this the same way that not every Republican wants it. Perhaps it’s an inverse proportion. But plenty of both did, until recently. And that “plenty” had a lot to do with 12 hired lobbyists, FB ads, mailings, luncheons and more, which (correct me if I’m wrong) is the sort of thing the “get money out of politics claim to oppose” even though their plan would actually make that problem worse.

That wouldn’t bother them either. In fact, that’s entirely the point. To silence everyone but the big money players Like Mr. Nicholas. Who is trying to buy some space in the New Hampshire Constitution?

Here’s to hoping he fails, for liberty, and for victims, who already have more protections in existing state statute (that they would lose if we advance this constitutional amendment).

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