NH: Judge won’t answer victimless crime question

‘ The “INTERBRANCH CRIMINAL AND JUVENILE JUSTICE COUNCIL” meets at the NH State House complex. While waiting for its members to arrive, I do have questions for random politicians. That’s Judge Tina Nadeau…I think she’s also the council chair who folks keep deferring questions to. ‘


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Links to Info on 40 Days for Life in New Hampshire

The Fall 2017 40 Days for Life campaign will begin next week. Kickoff events in New Hampshire are coming up in Manchester on Monday evening, September 25, and in Greenland on Sunday afternoon, September 24. | More…

| Leaven for the Loaf

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Did You Notice?

Until there is more local “new media” stuff to share I’ve pared back the schedule from hourly updates to every two hours. If you noticed that you also noticed that there isn’t enough local content for the new schedule either but we hope that changes sooner rather than later.

As always, feel free to send me your local, state, or national news or links. You really can;t have too much content.

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Mr. Trump’s UN Speech

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Londonderry Flag Flap Revisited

The lead story in today’s Union Leader is about the Londonderry Flag Flap. The reporting is measured and comforting with a Gee Wally, Leave it to Beaver feel. And that’s fine. It covers the bases, gives the nice folks at Londonderry High and company an opportunity to say shucks, that wasn’t what we meant, but we’ll make the best of it. | More…

| GraniteGrok

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Is New Hampshire’s Home Education Advisory Council Ignoring Rules?

The Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC) met on September 14, 2017 after a summer hiatus although the meeting was not disclosed in advance on the NH Department of Education’s website.

Because only five of 11 voting members were present, one member formally resigned and another effectively vacant, the council determined they did not have sufficient members present to constitute a quorum. It is not clear if Ms. Ellie Riel was in attendance as a guest or as a substitute for Ms. Heather Gage of the NH Department of Education as she was fully engaged in the discussion, apparently included in council emails, and the Chairman even gave Ms. Riel an opportunity to give a report “on behalf of the department” (see video 3 at 4:15). If Ms. Riel was a substitute, HEAC had six seats present to make a quorum.  | More…

| School Choice for NH

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Swiss shut down ‘fake’ E-Coin in latest cryptocurrency crackdown

ZURICH (Reuters) – Switzerland’s financial watchdog has closed down what it said was the provider of a fake cryptocurrency and is investigating around a dozen other possible fraud cases, in the latest clamp-down on the risks involving virtual money.

The move by the FINMA watchdog comes on the heels of Chinese authorities’ ordering Beijing-based cryptocurrency exchanges to stop trading and immediately notify users of their closure. | More…


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