Claremont superintendent floats draconian cuts after clash with school board

CLAREMONT — The Claremont School Board discussed $1.2 million in proposed cuts at its meeting Wednesday.

Board members had sparred with SAU 6 Superintendent Middleton McGoodwin at the Nov. 15 meeting at which McGoodwin presented the proposed 2018-19 budget with a $1.7 million increase over the current year when the board had asked to see $1.2 million in cuts from the current year.

In a lengthy meeting Wednesday night McGoodwin presented board members with the budget side-by-side with the proposed spending of his originally proposed budget and board members went through each line item to ask questions about the cuts.

One of the proposed cuts was $1 million in the technology budget, including the replacement of technology five years or older, including projectors and computers. *| More at Union

*Link could lead to a registration or subscription “paywall.”

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Farmington NH High School Lets a Left Wing Activist Propagandize Kids in the Classroom

On November 28th the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union shared news on Facebook about ACLU Community Organizer Daniel Pontoh’s presentation to Farmington High School students. The subject was social justice activism, and how they can create the change they wish to see in the world and in NH with the passage of the Transgender Bill in the New Hampshire House. The post included two tags. #TransBillNH and Freedom New Hampshire.

So what’s wrong with that? | Keep Reading at

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A Visitor From the Past

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School Choice for NH: Family Profile: Rescue from Bullying

There are many reasons why families seek educational options for their children, and unfortunately, some need to be rescued from unresolved bullying and harassment at local schools. As part of our periodic profiles about NH families that utilize educational alternatives, this is a story about a family that left a bullying environment at their district school to find safety and happiness at a private school. | Keep Reading at School Choice for NH

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Public hearings on toll hikes set for Tuesday, Wednesday

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Two more public hearings have been set to gather more feedback on a plan to increase turnpike toll rates across New Hampshire.

The Executive Council had been scheduled to vote on the hikes last week but the vote was delayed to give the public more time to comment. | More at AP News

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Treehugger writer believes things should cost more: Part 2

OK, Part 1 was done in April – too many Shiny Objects to contemplate so  back to playing catch up. The premise was that we should pay more for what we buy because CONSUMERISM and ENVIRONMENTALISM!  We all should be forced to make do with less, and I commented on this at the time | More at

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CNHT Needs Bill Reviewers, Trackers

CNHT is looking for volunteers to track NH legislation, alert us to when the bills will be heard before House and Senate committees, and ultimately, when they will be voted upon by both full bodies. The best way to prepare for this task is to become trained in bill analysis.  | Keep Reading at CNHT

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