New Hampshire individuals, small-business owners see spike in Obamacare premiums

Small-business owners in New Hampshire have seen a spike on the limited options available on the Obamacare exchange, the Union Leader reported.

The average rise in premiums for nearly 24,000 on the Obamacare exchange, who do not receive a federal subsidy, is at 52 percent.

“I will be spending $24,000 on insurance next year for my family. That is a 50 percent increase,” Scott Spradling told the newspaper. | Read More at Washington Times

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Just how has the Uranium One scandal been “debunked”?

Mention the words, “Uranium One,” and many Americans shrug their shoulders, either blissfully unaware of the controversy or convinced that it’s a Republican ploy targeting Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Others see a major scandal with far greater impact than Watergate. They see the covert sale of 20 percent of our uranium deposits to a Russian-owned company in exchange for bribes at the highest levels of our government.  | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok

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Liberals trashing Thanksgiving – the “let’s pick a fight” edition

A few assorted posts in surfing where Progressives are just out to ruin some families’ Thanksgiving – just because they can.  And I bet, will:

You Should Get Drunk and Cause a Scene Today | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok

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Rochester Keno vote recount ends in tie, meaning initiative fails

ROCHESTER — A recount of the Keno votes in Rochester revealed Wednesday that the ballot question tied at 1,037.

City Clerk Kelly Walters said that means the resolution on the game failed because it needed a majority vote to pass. *| Keep Reading at the Union Leader

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President Trump’s Thanksgiving Message

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Pembroke’s Budget Shortfall

Pembroke has a budget shortfall of $977,000.00. It is making the news. People find it hard to understand – especially Pembroke taxpayers.

Here is a very simple glimpse into what may be the problem. Pembroke has a Budget Committee. Here are the most recent Pembroke Bud Com Minutes: Minutes Pembroke Budget Committee 11-2-2017

Rumor has it dropping enrollment at Pembroke Academy is a possible cause of the shortfall. Here goes: |Keep Reading at CNHT

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Balsams tops $26 million in real estate reservations

More than 120 families and individuals have made a 5 percent refundable deposit toward purchase of a unit in the first structures to be renovated as part of the $170 million Balsams restoration and expansion plan. | Keep Reading at NHBR

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