Urgent action required!! Bill to Lower the Age of ‘Medical’ Consent Undermines Parental Notification Laws

Urgent action required!!

Tomorrow (1/24/18), the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee will hear HB1503 at 10:00AM. It is important that every NH Right to Life member contact each of the committee members and urge them to vote NO on this bill.

HB 1503 will lower the age of medical consent from 18 to 16. This is a slap in the face to the Parental Notification Law passed in 2011 that NHRTL vigorously supported.

HB1503 | Title: Authorizing minors 16 years of age or older to independently consent to medical procedures
Sponsors: (Prime) Rep. Dyer, Hills
This bill lowers the age of medical consent from 18 years old to 16 years old. This bill will make it easier for minors to receive abortions without their parents knowledge. It is a way to circumvent the Parental Notification law.

Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee
Dottie McDonnell
Phone: 271-3589
David Bates
LOB 205
Committee Members: Email Committee Members 
Chairman:Frank Kotowski(r) V. Chairman:Donald LeBrun(r) Clerk:Bill Nelson(r)

Charles McMahon (r) Joseph Guthrie (r) Daniel Donovan (r)
John Fothergill (r) Martin Bove (r) Mariellen MacKay (r)
Jess Edwards (r) Jim Fedolfi (r) William Marsh (r)
Mark Pearson (r) James MacKay (d) Mary Freitas (d)
Lucy Weber (d) Pamela Gordon (d) Jerry Knirk (d)
Mindi Messmer (d) Jeffrey Salloway (d) Polly Campion (d)
Jessica Ayala (d)


| NHRTL Email Blast.

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Does Portsmouth NH’s Bond Rating Account for all that Climate Change Fear-mongering?

Seven cities in California are suing energy companies claiming that their contribution to global warming puts their municipalities at grave risk. That the energy industry giants misrepresented the dangers and in exchange for this malfeasance they should be rewarded with a little court-ordered public policy victory and some jackpot justice.

Somone at Exxon-Mobile decided to turn the tables. They are asking why the catastrophic claims made by these same municipalities in their lawsuit do no match the language used to woo bond investors? | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok.com


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GST: View Grover Norquist’s Speech

Grover gave an informed, insightful and witty commentary on a range of topics:
Status (as of 12/12/17) of the tax reform legislation in Washington
Expected benefits from tax reform for the economy and job creation
History of tax reform under Reagan and the political climate that influenced it…

|More + Video link at GraniteState Taxpayers

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Requiring Legislative Approval Before RPC’s Can Accept Federal Funds.

There will be a public hearing tomorrow, 01/24/2018 at 02:00 PM in Legislative Office Building (LOB) Room 301 on HB 1616 that would require legislative approval before regional planning commissions could accept federal money. | More at GraniteGrok.com


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N.H. Lawmakers Consider Lowering Drinking Age to 20

Lawmakers are again considering lowering the drinking age in New Hampshire.

The House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee is holding a public hearing Tuesday on a bill that would lower the legal age for alcohol possession from 21 to 20. | Keep Reading at NHPR

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Dangerous Delay

The Belknap County delegation met on Monday Jan. 22 to work on the county budget for 2018.  The county operates on a calendar year, so beginning on January 1, the county has no appropriations.  While the county has long practiced a policy of continuing spending until a budget is finally set (generally in March), there is no authority in the statues which allow such a practice.  | Keep Reading at Lakes Region Porcupines.com

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New Hampshire considers limits on sex reassignment surgery

New Hampshire House lawmakers are considering two bills on the topic of gender reassignment surgery.

One bill would prohibit gender reassignment surgery for anyone under age 18. The other would prohibit Medicaid from paying for sex reassignment surgery, drugs or hormone therapy. |Read more at the Miami Herald

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