Sununu: Can’t Support HB628 (Family Medical Leave Bill) “As Written” – But I Want More

HB628 killing the NH AdvantageGovernor Chris Sununu has informed the State Senate Finance Committee looking at HB628 that as written he won’t support it.

“I cannot support HB 628 until a comprehensive actuarial analysis is conducted,” …

That’s not a rejection of the idea of a state mandate but niggling over details. A point he affirms later in the same reporting.

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Republicans Against Free Speech

NHGOP Woodshed

Taking them out to the Woodshed again…

Carolyn McKinney’s rebuttal to “some Republicans” pushing to remove the word ‘traditional’ as a qualifier to the word ‘marriage’ in the New Hampshire Republican State Platform is brilliant. It’s so good those Republicans don’t want you to read it. (If you have problems with the above link the piece is also cross-posted here.)

Somone or perhaps a few someones are flagging every effort to post this on Facebook as in violation of Facebook’s rules making it difficult to share.

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Mark ZuckerbergIf you’d like to read Mark Styen’s first “take” on the Zuckerberg testimony and trust me you do, it’s here, but this snippet captured my imagination (for the moment).

To be sure, I doubt [Mark Zuckerberg] thinks of himself as a rags-to-riches story. If you’re inventing Facebook in a dorm room, it helps if the dorm room is at Harvard, which most Americans will never get anywhere near. In that sense, Zuckerberg might be more emblematic of a calcifying class system and diminishing social mobility. Continue reading

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Paving the Way: Judges, Children, and Gender


Cross-Posted by Ellen Kolb

Could the state take a child away from a parent who does not want the child to receive cross-sex hormones and amputation of healthy body parts? An Ohio court has told us the answer: yes.

When transgender identity is treated as a non-elective medical procedure, that’s where the child welfare and legal systems inevitably lead.

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Senator Shaheen’s Selective Defense Of Small Business Owners

The Internet http://

Image credit: cnet

New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation is unified in its defense of the Granite State from efforts to make online purchases taxable. Their primary objection, and I’ll use Senator Shaheen as my whipping donkey for this, is the burden it puts on small business owners.

As a former small business owner, I know that most small businesses operate on small profit margins and struggle to keep overhead low. That’s especially true for small online retailers. It is unacceptable to impose major new administrative costs on small businesses while making it harder to compete with big-box retailers. Continue reading

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Democrats: Are You Paying Your Campaign Workers a ‘Living Wage?’

minimum_wage_fight_for_15Torn from the headlines at, a question of epic and historical weight. Why won’t Democrats let their campaign workers unionize?

When workers on one self-proclaimed progressive’s congressional campaign decided to unionize, they ran into “classic union busting” tactics, according [to] a former staffer, who asked that he and the campaign remain anonymous for fear of jeopardizing future job prospects.

Ed Morrissey adds,

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Women’s March Bemoans Shutdown of Prostitution and Child Sex-Trafficking Site

Womens MarchBackpagecom CEO Carl Ferrer has rolled on his cofounders and executives admitting that he, “conspired with other Backpage principals … to find ways to knowingly facilitate the state-law prostitution crimes being committed by Backpage’s customers.”  The site is charged with money laundering, prostitution, sex trafficking and child sex trafficking.

The Women’s March official response to shutting down No.

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New Hampshire Democrats Continue to Push for Discrimination Against Religious Schools


Executive Council Chambers

By Ed Mosca

Earlier this week, the Executive Council voted on a $4.1 million scholarship plan.

From the Concord Monitor:

The program, approved by legislators last year, will provide for scholarship funding for 23 post-secondary institutions and training programs. Open to any New Hampshire high school graduates who are eligible to receive Pell Grants, the scholarships are set to be available for the next school year.

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Marriage and the NHGOP Platform

By Carolyn McKinney

marriageTo advocates for removing “traditional” from marriage in the NHGOP platform.

First, you are guilty of using the most frustrating and pernicious leftist debate tactic.

To try to make your case, you use examples outside the norm – such as families who adopt, grandparents raising their grandchildren, single parents due to the death of a spouse – in an attempt to undermine the norm. It’s no different than those who are pro-abortion trying to undermine opposition to abortion by raising rare cases of rape and incest, or more recently, using the existence of intersex persons to try to undermine natural sex/gender.

Many of us have friends or family whose situation is exactly one of those examples, but their efforts are a compassionate response to a crisis, not something that we should set as a legal standard.

Second, articulating an ideal is not exclusionary. Continue reading

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A Change of Plans…

The New Media Militia mission is to share local content without exposition. Excerpt – link – done! It’s a lot more work than you might imagine, and after nearly a year of doing it every day, I need that time to focus on other things.

The idea isn’t gone, however. I am looking to incorporate this content sharing (Excerpt – link – done!) as a separate part of the site remodel which can use your support!

Until that’s funded and done, I’ll be moving the content I typically post on this page to GraniteGrok (New Hampshire’s Conservative media website) and reconsidering what purpose these pages will serve.

For now, please go to  to see what there is on offer.

And thanks for reading!


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