The Unbearable Smugness Of Being…A Democrat

It was a different time, a crazy time, all those…days ago…way back at the end of last week. I remember it like it was, well, just last week, when Democrats suggested that maybe, just maybe, the political rhetoric in the country was a little too heated after one of their own tried to murder as many Republican Congressmen as possible. Like I said, it was a different time.

After less than two weeks, that time is done and the political left is back at their lying, hateful rhetoric about how Republicans are hoping to kill as many Americans as possible. It actually took a little longer than I thought it would. | More…


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The War On Plastic Drinking Straws – Do You Really Need Them?

Nearly every chain restaurant and coffee shop offers straws. They’re in just about every movie theater and sit-down restaurant. Theme parks and corner stores and ice cream shops and school cafeterias freely hand them out.

But they are starting to disappear because of the awareness campaign Cress and dozens of conservation groups are waging. Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom bans them, as do the food concession areas of Smithsonian Institution museums. | More…


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We Might Slam Into the Andromeda Galaxy Sooner Than Expected

Scientists using a radio telescope known as the Very Large Baseline Array have found our galaxy is rotating at 100,000 miles per hour faster than had previously been thought. One of the radio telescopes used in the VLBA is located in New Liberty. Others are located in Hawaii, California, Washington, and New Hampshire.

According to Mark Reid of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, “this increases the estimate of the Milky Way’s mass by 50 percent, bringing it even with the Andromeda Galaxy.” | More…

| NonpareilOnline

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Franklin NH Gets $125,000.00 for Dropout Prevention

The city of Franklin, New Hampshire got a gift in the new Republican state Budget. A grant for $125K to address its distinction of having the third highest dropout rate in the state. | More…

| GraniteGrok

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NH Airbnb law leads to ‘healthy’ revenue growth

Granite Staters hosted more than 95,000 visitors and earned more than $12 million last year from bookings made through Airbnb’s short-term rentals website.

Those numbers more than doubled Airbnb’s 2015 totals of 44,000 New Hampshire guests and $5 million in bookings.

“The typical host in New Hampshire earned $5,400 last year, often using the additional funds to make rent or mortgage payments, save for retirement or repay student loans,” said Airbnb spokesman Peter Schottenfels. “The typical listing is occupied 28 nights per year and the average length of stay is 2.7 nights.” | More…

*| Union Leader

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Thanks to The Growing New Media Militia Audience

With 1500 linked articles since the project took off in April I’d like to thank our growing audience for looking to the New Media Militia for stories from around New Hampshire and the World.

Speaking of the world, we’ve had visitors from 42 countries; here are our top 10 with the US at number one.

NMM Top 10 nations as of June 24 2017

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Timberlane Predicts $550k Surplus Shortfall

Before any budget is approved, prudence and common sense require an examination of projected revenues. Unfortunately, Timberlane’s budget committee never looks at revenue before they give their stamp of approval.

Why does this matter?  Shaky revenues mean a risk of even higher taxes.  A large source of revenue in our budget is the surplus from the previous budget year. Every dollar that doesn’t come through in projected surplus is another dollar that must be raised from taxpayers.| More…

Donna Green | timberlansandsandown

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