DUI Checkpoint Activism + College Know-Your-Rights Outreach

Recently I wrote the eulogy for Cop Block, the national police accountability activist news website. Nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of activism, where doing the right thing rarely means one can make a living at it. Burnout is real and has happened to some of the brightest activists to ever hit the Cop Block scene.

Cop Block as a national organization may have died, but it’s not dead here in New Hampshire, where it was incubated – according to founder Pete Eyre – in Keene. | Keep Reading at Free Keene

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A Treat for Advent: Northeast Catholic College Polyphony Choir

The singers from Northeast Catholic College are taking their show on the road for a New England tour during Advent 2017. Having enjoyed music from NCC students both at their campus and at various New Hampshire events, I can say you’re in for a treat if you attend one of the Polyphony Choir’s upcoming performances.  All these events are open to the public. | Keep Reading at Ellen Kolb.com

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OP-ED: A Turn of Phrase to Turn Thoughts Toward Gun Control

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Las Vegas strip killing 58 people and injuring 527 people before turning his firearm on himself, ending his rampage, but signaling the beginning of the fall-out that has followed.

The media, obliged to report the news unbiasedly, instead capitalized on a turn of phrase that has been burnt into the minds of Americans, effectively limiting the conversation from protecting Americans from mass acts of violence to a single idea – that more gun control is needed.  That phrase, “This was the worst mass shooting in modern American history”, does not draw suspicion, because it smacks as being factually correct, but it forgoes solving the real problem, instead pushing a political agenda.  There is a word for that – rhetoric. | Keep Reading at NH Political Buzz

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No Longer Secret: Berlin Biomass Plant $52.3M Cost To Consumers

Eversource customers paid $52.3 million more than necessary between November of 2013 and last April due to a controversial contract between the utility and the biomass-burning Burgess BioPower plant in Berlin. | Keep Reading at InDepthNH

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Housing Shortages for Seniors

Housing shortages for the elderly tug at the heartstrings of most people. News outlets write about the problem all the time.

Getting creative to solve New Hampshire’s senior housing crisis

The problem with most housing shortage stories is the shortage of information regarding the numerous places the elderly home seekers were unable to afford. That would be a nice addition to any serious article about any kind of housing in NH. | Keep Reading at CNHT

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Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine Becomes Cryptocurrency Vending Machine, Adds DASH!

Recent drama behind the scenes with Bitcoin has resulted in the world’s most popular and oldest cryptocurrency, that sadly can’t scale to increased demand, and as a result, has escalating, ridiculous fees. | Keep Reading at Free Keene

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Teen Killed in Goffstown Shooting a student at Memorial High

Girard at Large has learned that the person killed outside of the Ace Hardware store in downtown Goffstown was student at Manchester’s Memorial High School. | More at Girard at Large

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