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Democrats: Are You Paying Your Campaign Workers a ‘Living Wage?’

Torn from the headlines at HotAir.com, a question of epic and historical weight. Why won’t Democrats let their campaign workers unionize? When workers on one self-proclaimed progressive’s congressional campaign decided to unionize, they ran into “classic union busting” tactics, according [to] … Continue reading

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$15 Minimum Wage Hurts People, as Democrats Intend

Democrat politicians ooze concern for the poor and promise wonderful sounding policies to win the votes of gullible, ignorant, and willingly deceived people.  But, in practice, Democrat policies hurt the people they are promised to help.  The Democrat demanded $15 … Continue reading

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Seattle’s “Win” in the Fight for 15 is Costing Jobs, Hours, and lowering Paychecks

God, I love being right especially after watching progressive narrative monkey’s puke their Union/Democrat party minimum-wage-talking-points all over my comments section. Being right is the best. And when it comes to Seattle, right comes easy. This week’s Poster Child for Stupid Liberal … Continue reading

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At Least 20% of SEIU’s Budget Went to Politics

Labor giant Service Employees International Union spent $60 million on politics and lobbying as well as $19 million on the Fight for 15 movement in 2016, and now finds itself laying off headquarters staff. The union’s federal filing to the … Continue reading

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