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NH Primary Source: AFP-NH launches series of forums on ‘Tax Fairness’

Several dozen Granite State Republicans and business owners gathered at the Derryfield Restaurant in Manchester on Wednesday for the first of three “Tax Fairness Forums” organized by the conservative issues group Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire. Greg Moore, AFP state director, … Continue reading

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NH fishermen ask U.S. Supreme Court to hear monitoring case

New Hampshire fishermen fighting for their livelihood are now trying to take their case to the nation’s highest court. Commercial fishermen said they must pay $700 a day for fishing monitors, people who go out with fishermen and collect data. … Continue reading

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5-year-old British girl gets fined for setting up a lemonade stand

A 5-year-old-girl burst into tears after she was fined £150 ($195) by a London council for selling cups of lemonade to music fans on their way to a music festival. The girl’s father, Andre Spicer, said that his daughter had … Continue reading

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DOJ Drops $3 Million Fine Against Harley-Davidson

The Department of Justice decided to eliminate the $3 million fine that Harley-Davidson received from President Barack Obama’s administration to fight pollution. The money was supposed to go “to an American Lung Association project promoting cleaner-burning cook stoves.” The company reached an … Continue reading

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“Dash Force News” Covers New Hampshire’s Bitcoin, DASH Outreach

Originally, Keene, New Hampshire was the civil disobedience capital of the libertarian movement. The new activist zeitgeist across New Hampshire and especially in the activism epicenter of Keene is around cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH. Spreading cryptocurrency is a great method for helping keep … Continue reading

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Stuart Varney: Trump Has Already Made ‘America $4 Trillion Richer’ in Just 6 Months

In an op-ed on his Fox Business show Thursday, host Stuart Varney made the case of how President Donald Trump has made the U.S. richer while only being in office for six months. Despite the negative media coverage, Varney says investors look forward … Continue reading

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Governor signs New Hampshire ‘joint employment’ bill into law

New Hampshire has become the first New England state to enter the fray over who is liable for labor violations involving a franchise – the local franchisee, who mainly deals with the employee, or the national franchisor, which is where … Continue reading

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