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Could Oil Prices Remain Stable for Years to Come?

With America’s resurgence of energy infrastructure, oil shocks could be a thing of the past. To sum up, oil prices stand neither to go up or down but remain steady, and that’s a good thing. More reliable petroleum delivery routes … Continue reading

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Ask Jeanne Shaheen – Where’s The Oversight?

by Steve MacDonald According to this video (from Obama Isn’t Mr. Obama has blown through $16 billion ($16,000,000,000.00) on public equity green energy gambles that have cost jobs and lost our money, much of it to Big Obama donors, … Continue reading

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It’s A Shameless Capitalist Endorsement!

I have invested some time and (renewable) energy arguing against federal subsidies and hand outs to prop up businesses that make environmentalists and their democrat sugar daddies happy. My primary objective with “green” energy projects has not been the business itself or even the goal, but the way in which the state and federal government uses our money to pick winners and losers or to incentivise things. Continue reading

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Blog Round Up 1-1-2011

Here are a few posts from the past week to take a peek at…   Ancient Chinese Secret In an amusing week for Carol Shea-Porter, in which she almost sounded McCarthyesque in her suspicions of Chinese communist cash infiltrations into … Continue reading

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PSNH rates go up–anyone surprised?

Thanks to the government the cost of living and doing business in New Hampshire just went up again. It goes like this.  In 2007 the state mandated that by 2025 providers get 25% of the energy they provide from renewable sources (Wood, wind, … Continue reading

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Poked right in the RGGI

Tom Fahey reported in this Sunday’s Union Leader, that Linda Hodgdon, the State’s Administrative Services commissar had floated a trial balloon on the status of the estimated 18 million the PUC could net from its upcoming regional carbon credits auction this year.  … Continue reading

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For your consideration-

Me- This is a great piece.  I present it without interruption. Lorne Gunter: Thirty years of warmer temperatures go poof Posted: October 20, 2008, 10:26 AM by Kelly McParland Lorne Gunter, Ful Comment   In early September, I began noticing … Continue reading

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