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In Its Rush To Please Ruling Class Progressives, Facebook Sort of, Kind of, Screws Itself

Remember when Facebook was super-giddy-helpful with announcing that the Russians were using Facebook Ads to influence the 2016 Elections? Hey, progressives look at us pimping the narrative du jour! Well, someone in Seattle realized Facebook was collecting cash (probably a lot … Continue reading

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Seattle Stupid: Hosing Poop-Covered Sidewalks Might Be Racially Insensitive

A councilman in Seattle is reportedly opposed to hosing sidewalks that reek of excrement near a local courthouse because he fears that it might be racially insensitive. No, this is not a joke. … According to the Times, Councilmember Larry Gossett … Continue reading

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Mayor announces plans to resign after 5th sex abuse claim

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced his resignation after a fifth man came forward and accused him of sexual abuse decades ago. Murray had already announced earlier that he would not seek a second term. He said today that he … Continue reading

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Donna Green: Seattle’s Pointless Legal Battle with Public Money

The very first right of the public to be infringed in floundering administrations is the public’s right to know what their government is doing. Unlike rational individuals spending their own money, public entities will take up hopeless legal battles in … Continue reading

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Seattle’s “Win” in the Fight for 15 is Costing Jobs, Hours, and lowering Paychecks

God, I love being right especially after watching progressive narrative monkey’s puke their Union/Democrat party minimum-wage-talking-points all over my comments section. Being right is the best. And when it comes to Seattle, right comes easy. This week’s Poster Child for Stupid Liberal … Continue reading

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After Seattle’s Gun Tax: Lost Jobs, Little Revenue, More Violent Crime

“The data says the law has failed to prevent what they promised it would prevent” Although Seattle’s gun tax was supposed to bring in $300,000 to $500,000, it’s brought in less than $200,000.  The money was supposed to be used … Continue reading

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In Seattle, is it now taboo to be friends with a Republican?

Kshama Sawant wasn’t having any of that. She stood up and said Burgess wasn’t speaking for her with this “our Republican friends” stuff. Because, she assured the crowd, she doesn’t have any Republican friends. Yay, cheered the crowd. Now it’s … Continue reading

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