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NH Primary Source: AFP-NH launches series of forums on ‘Tax Fairness’

Several dozen Granite State Republicans and business owners gathered at the Derryfield Restaurant in Manchester on Wednesday for the first of three “Tax Fairness Forums” organized by the conservative issues group Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire. Greg Moore, AFP state director, … Continue reading

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How Screwed Are Massachusetts Retailers, Let us Count the Ways

Bricks and mortar retailers in the Bay state getting crushed by e-tailing, and without the annual tax holiday, are looking for a way to keep their heads above water. | NH1

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What’s Behind Water Management and Taxation Schemes?

Next time your town or city wants to impose a ‘roof’ or ‘driveway’ water run off tax, you will know where the idea originated. Tell your local officials to stop doing the bidding of the APA and the UN! “UN … Continue reading

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Some of Accused Tax Cheat Thomas Katsiantonis’ Donations to NH Democrats

While he was giving his business an unofficial and unapproved tax break, he was also donating cash to local Democrat candidate campaigns. Most if not all of them oppose cutting any New Hampshire taxes including those for small business owners … Continue reading

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Governor Jerry Brown calls California taxpayers “freeloaders”

The last time we checked on Crazy California, many of its taxpayers were rebelling against the legislature-created gas tax and were mounting a recall challenge against one of the Democrats who made that hike possible. During a speech in Orange … Continue reading

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Study: Income tax rate effects pro sports teams win-loss record

“There’s been this negative correlation between income taxes and winning percentage in both the NBA and the NFL every single year for the past 20 years,” Hembre said. “It’s not saying that income taxes are the only factor. It’s saying … Continue reading

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I Warned NH About a Trap that Just Snapped on CA Homeowners, I Mean Taxpayers

Obama and the Democrats voted to fund these programs at the federal level and incentivized states to do the same, and where there is a trough, there will be pigs. Millions of residential (solar) installs ensued, many right here in … Continue reading

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