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“Racist” is the new “Witch”

They dressed me up like this,” she says, pointing at the angry mob. “And this isn’t my nose; it’s a false one.” “Well we did do the nose,” says one villager… “and the hat. But she is a witch.” Sir … Continue reading

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Conservative vs. Liberal Anti-Rape Tips

H/T Weekend Pundit

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New Hampshire Company Makes List of LGBTQ Favorable Businesses

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) named a Granite State business as one of the most LGBTQ-inclusive companies in the U.S. C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc., based out of Keene, was listed on HRC’s 2018 Corporate Equality Index for the second consecutive year. … Continue reading

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Are RPC State Smart Transportation Initiatives Going After Uber and Lyft?

Uber and Lyft riders and drivers, beware. Regionalism and urbanism may be the reason your services are being banned in various cities across the world. … According to the “State Smart Transportation Initiative” ride-hailing increases the use of cars and the actual … Continue reading

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If Socialism Helps the Poor, Why…

If socialism helps the poor, why are the poor in socialist countries so much poorer than the poor in capitalist countries? 🤔 — Mark (@markantro) November 1, 2017

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Commie NH Handmaids Don’t Give a Damn About Weinstein, Halprin, or This Guy?

Remember those dopey red-robed communists virtue signaling the “treatment of women” in New Hampshire? Where the hell are they now that scores of actual women are crawling out from under the “patriarchy” to announce that they were discriminated against, raped, or … Continue reading

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Ex-Antifa member: the group is a “threat to society,” “more dangerous than ISIS”

ANTIFA is a growing extreme group who believe violence is legitimate. I got radicalised in Sydney. I was originally concerned about Western intervention in Syria. Radical left-wing people dominated rallies and I started to associate with them more. My so-called … Continue reading

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