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Shea-Porter To Face Democrat Primary

The Concord Monitor is reporting that Portsmouth businesswoman Joanne Dowdell intends to challenge former Congresspersonista Carol SEIU-Porter for a shot at Frank Guinta in 2012 Continue reading

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No Labels – Why are All Their “Leaders” Leftists?

No Labels, the latest of many left wing funded efforts to drag the right into the middle and the middle leftward, is looking for you to help them spread their message.  But before you drop your values, abandon your principles, … Continue reading

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The Right To Your Money: Nothing ‘Fair’ About It.

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition, discovering that it’s “percentage of income model” argument against property taxes really applies to all things, and that lower income people pay a higher percentage of their income on everything,  (a problem resolved through … Continue reading

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The Implosion Of Another Left Wing ‘Institution’

NPR is dodging bullets at a time when it was already facing an uphill battle to justify continued taxpayer funding. So having an executive expose the network culture on hidden video is the last thing they needed. And while NPR runs duck and cover, pointing out that the guy was quitting anyway, they didn’t seem to have anything to say about the other NPR exec at the table until she “quit.” Continue reading

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Anyone Know Where Governor Lynch Was Last Weekend?

Dateline Miami: It’s Miami, this years four-day staycation destination for governors in hock to Tim Gill and Political Outgiving. Last year New Hampshire Governor John “out of state political money is bad” Lynch was outed for attending the ‘secret event’ … Continue reading

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Paul Hodes – Lobbyist?

The Concord Monitor is reporting that Paul Hodes has started a business consultancy. This will have him back and forth to Washington DC for the purpose of connecting northern New England to Washington DC; a lateral move from his role as congressman when he was trying to sign New Hampshire away to Washington DC. Continue reading

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Bay State Bathroom Bill Bi-Pass (Get it? Bi-pass!)

I’m here to tell you that there are 188 very happy current and former state legislators from New Hampshire today. That’s right, 184 democrats and 4 republicans must be beside themselves with envy after Deval Patrick executed an order that bi-passes the MA legislature and does for public employees in that state, almost exactly what HB 415 -2009 tried to do to the entire State of New Hampshire.. Continue reading

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