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The “Surprise!”Karen Handel Win Looks A Lot Like Another Recent Election

They made it about Trump, and the Trump voters showed up. They don’t always, like in small town New Hampshire for a relatively meaningless state House race, but they do turn out for elections where Trump is directly challenged, even … Continue reading

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When Transparency Really Means Tyranny

When you hear the word “transparency,” what comes to mind? Maybe words like openness, honesty, and clarity—but that’s not what “transparency” means to progressives. To them, it means “Exposing, shaming, and (hopefully) ruining the careers and income of people who … Continue reading

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Trinity College in Connecticut Closed After Prof Posts Threats to GOP Online

Following the June 14 shooting of a U.S. congressman and several other people at a baseball practice in suburban Washington, D.C., associate professor of sociology Johnny Eric Williams stated on his Facebook page, “It is past time for the racially … Continue reading

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Boston Globe Thinks Obama Should Ruin (I mean Run) Harvard

The Boston Globe is floating former President Obama as a potential president of Harvard University. The Globe on Thursday published a short list of possible candidates to replace current Harvard president Drew Faust, who announced Wednesday that she would step down … Continue reading

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Dominating the Political Bandwidth In New Hampshire.

Here are a few links to my most recent contributions to New Hampshire’s leading Conservative Blog site. STATE SENATOR ANDY SANBORN ANNOUNCES RUN FOR CONGRESS Volinsky’s Rules … Triggered Professor Quits Over Campus Carry Law Laconia Prepared to sell Land … Continue reading

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Liberalism is Oppression

(…) I could go on, but suffice it to say, liberalism isn’t the panacea feminists imagine it to be. It doesn’t free women from oppression. It is oppression. It’s bondage to state power. It reduces a woman’s control over her … Continue reading

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Some Asshat Is Driving NH State Sen. Donna Soucy’s Car

At 2:15 (yesterday) afternoon on Center St. in Concord, this asshat decided it would be a great idea to pass me on the left, riding over the center line, in front of St. Paul’s Church because traffic was stopped for … Continue reading

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