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Fight Nice Boys

I have an issue I didn’t have time to write about when it happened. It is still a nice look into NH’s Deep State. This August 20, 2017, there appeared an op-ed in the Concord paper from David Scanlon of … Continue reading

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NH 2A Rally Tomorrow

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Bernie Sander’s Son Plotting Run in NH-CD1

Roll Call reports that Levi Sanders is seriously considering a run for Congress in New Hampshire’s first Congressional District.  I’m definitely considering it. I’m excited, motivated and interested in the race,” Sanders told Vice News Thursday. “I’m just dotting my I’s and crossing … Continue reading

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50% Increase in Border Patrol Apprehensions Along NY-VT-NH Borders

For the fiscal year that ended in September, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said 449 people were apprehended in the Swanton sector, which covers the whole state of Vermont, plus six counties in northern New York and three counties in northern New … Continue reading

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NH Medical Examiner Is Quitting His Job Because bad Opioid Policy is Killing so Many

In the six years since the federal government asked pharmaceutical companies to reformulate prescription opioids so patients couldn’t use them illicitly, Thomas Andrew, the chief medical examiner of New Hampshire, has seen his caseload skyrocket. “It’s almost as if the … Continue reading

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New Hampshire, Vermont, Tax Revenue, Tax Capacity, and Values

First, as part of this research professor Woolf reports that as a percentage of total income earned New Hampshire is still one of the lowest taxed states in the Nation. The national average is 10.59 percent, and New Hampshire’s rate is only … Continue reading

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Parents of Teen Accused of Nearly Hanging 8-Year-Old Say It Was an ‘Accident’

In what may be a classic case of CYCA (insert “child’s” into usual abbreviation), the parents of the young teen involved in what many call an attempted lynching in Claremont, N.H., have spoken out, saying that their son is innocent … Continue reading

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Committee Looks For Input On N.H. Higher Ed System

A legislative committee is seeking public input about the quality and overall value of New Hampshire’s higher education system. The Public Higher Education Study Committee is trying to determine whether students leave school with critical thinking skills, personal and professional … Continue reading

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Some call for NH to walk back preambulation law

Every seven years, municipal officials are required by state law to walk their town or city’s borders to make sure boundary lines are still in place – a practice that dates back centuries. The town line marker checks, called perambulations, … Continue reading

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NH Budget: Tax Cuts, Tax Repeal, Funding for State Priorities

The House voted 198-169 in favor of the $11.7 billion 2-year spending plan for the State of New Hampshire contained in HB144, and 212-161 in favor of HB517, the trailer bill containing policy and tax reforms to accompany the budget. … Continue reading

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