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Newport NH Chief calls new marijuana law a ‘flawed system’

Newport Police Chief Jim Burroughs doesn’t have much positive to say about New Hampshire’s new marijuana law. “It’s a flawed system. We’re trying to make the best out of it.” “The Legislature didn’t legalize marijuana. It just decriminalized areas of … Continue reading

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Plan calling for jail time for addicts revived by Manchester responders faces criticism

MANCHESTER — Stupid, absurd, expensive. Those are some of the reactions to a plan of Manchester aldermanic candidate Bob O’Sullivan to jail and treat addicts who overdose and are revived by Manchester first responders. O’Sullivan said his 30-60-90 Treatment Based … Continue reading

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New Hampshire House Discusses Amendments to Marijuana Legalization Bill

New Hampshire lawmakers are taking a deliberate approach to a bill seeking to legalize and regulate marijuana, holding two additional hearings to discuss amendments before a full committee vote next month. | Read more at NH Journal

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NH Medical Examiner Is Quitting His Job Because bad Opioid Policy is Killing so Many

In the six years since the federal government asked pharmaceutical companies to reformulate prescription opioids so patients couldn’t use them illicitly, Thomas Andrew, the chief medical examiner of New Hampshire, has seen his caseload skyrocket. “It’s almost as if the … Continue reading

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NHHRC Takes to the Streets for Drug-Related Harm Reduction

One of the things you hear before moving to New Hampshire is that, in many cases, the locals are as passionate about peaceful solutions to the world’s problems as the liberty activists are. I found this hard to believe until … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Liquor Ban, Sexual Assaults, and Drug Arrests

Hanover — Dartmouth College’s annual campus safety report for 2016 shows little change in most key crime statistics, except for a slight drop in arrests and internal sanctions for alcohol violations. The data show that sexual violence and substance abuse reports … Continue reading

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After Decriminalization, Supporters Call for Marijuana Legalization.

Less than a month after decriminalizing marijuana, legislators and lobbyists have begun open discussions on the potential legalization of marijuana in New Hampshire. The General Court’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety subcommittee work session met on Wednesday morning to discuss HB … Continue reading

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