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Vermont rehashes recreational marijuana bill as legislative year comes to a start

Vermont lawmakers are expected to consider a recreational marijuana bill this week that would make The Green Mountain State the first in the nation to legalize weed with its legislature rather than a voter referendum. | Keep Reading at the Washington … Continue reading

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Renny Cushing: It’s time to end the failed war on weed

Back in the last century, when I was a boy growing up in Hampton, a number of things that were considered “social evils” were prohibited by state law and local ordinance. Gambling and “intoxicating spirits” were two of the vices … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization Study Commission Begins Review Process

The commission tasked with studying the potential impacts of legalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana in New Hampshire met for the first time Tuesday, beginning a review process on how the state may implement a commercialized cannabis market. HB 215, which … Continue reading

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Newport NH Chief calls new marijuana law a ‘flawed system’

Newport Police Chief Jim Burroughs doesn’t have much positive to say about New Hampshire’s new marijuana law. “It’s a flawed system. We’re trying to make the best out of it.” “The Legislature didn’t legalize marijuana. It just decriminalized areas of … Continue reading

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After Decriminalization, Supporters Call for Marijuana Legalization.

Less than a month after decriminalizing marijuana, legislators and lobbyists have begun open discussions on the potential legalization of marijuana in New Hampshire. The General Court’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety subcommittee work session met on Wednesday morning to discuss HB … Continue reading

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Chief Andrew Shagoury: Marijuana is still illegal

September 16, 2017 is the effective date of the law decriminalizing certain amounts of marijuana and some marijuana related products under RSA 318-B:2-c. There is a difference between decriminalization and legalization. Marijuana will still be illegal after that date. Anyone … Continue reading

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Peterborough Police Chief: Legal Pot Means Fewer Arrests

Peterborough Police Chief Scott Guinard said that the threshold would affect an estimated quarter of Peterborough’s marijuana arrest, based on past arrests. He said he has serious concerns about how the change in law will affect policing. Among his concerns, … Continue reading

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