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Newport NH Chief calls new marijuana law a ‘flawed system’

Newport Police Chief Jim Burroughs doesn’t have much positive to say about New Hampshire’s new marijuana law. “It’s a flawed system. We’re trying to make the best out of it.” “The Legislature didn’t legalize marijuana. It just decriminalized areas of … Continue reading

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New Hampshire House Discusses Amendments to Marijuana Legalization Bill

New Hampshire lawmakers are taking a deliberate approach to a bill seeking to legalize and regulate marijuana, holding two additional hearings to discuss amendments before a full committee vote next month. | Read more at NH Journal

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After Decriminalization, Supporters Call for Marijuana Legalization.

Less than a month after decriminalizing marijuana, legislators and lobbyists have begun open discussions on the potential legalization of marijuana in New Hampshire. The General Court’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety subcommittee work session met on Wednesday morning to discuss HB … Continue reading

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The Best (Pot) Dispensaries in New Hampshire

In 2013, New Hampshire joined a trend that saw states across the New England region embrace legalized medicinal marijuana. Since then the state has seen a number of dispensaries pop up. So which are the best dispensaries in New Hampshire? Actually, as … Continue reading

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Chief Andrew Shagoury: Marijuana is still illegal

September 16, 2017 is the effective date of the law decriminalizing certain amounts of marijuana and some marijuana related products under RSA 318-B:2-c. There is a difference between decriminalization and legalization. Marijuana will still be illegal after that date. Anyone … Continue reading

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67% of NH Cannabis Freedom Festival Attendees Score Libertarian on Quiz

This weekend Darryl W Perry and I manned a Libertarian Party of NH outreach booth at the first-ever NH Cannabis Freedom Festival and it went extremely well! Over the course of three days at the festival, we found that over 67% of … Continue reading

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Data Point – Traffic deaths….Colorado….pot

Federal and state data show that the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado who tested positive for marijuana has more than doubled since 2013. A Denver Post analysis of the data and coroner reports provides the most comprehensive look … Continue reading

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