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Sununu’s deregulation push gets support

CONCORD — Gov. Chris Sununu’s deregulation initiative got another shot in the arm Wednesday as the House voted to set up a 10-member commission to review the existing system of occupational licensing in the state. Proponents of the bill, HB 1685, … Continue reading

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Marijuana Policy To Be Debated At N.H. Statehouse

In September, possessing three-fourths of an ounce of marijuana became a violation rather than a crime. Those caught get a $100 fine and no jail time. But before the law changed, people were arrested for having this amount and that … Continue reading

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New Hampshire governor all in on White House ‘Cut the red tape’ initiative

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu is a big fan of President Donald Trump’s deregulation initiative. The Granite State governor is such a fan, in fact, that he and a specially appointed committee are in the midst of their own broad-based deregulation … Continue reading

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Trump Declares Oct 2nd, ‘Deregulation Day’

Monday is “Deregulation Day” for the federal government as declared by President Donald Trump, and thus is an opportune time to deliver the findings of The Heritage Foundation’s latest tracking of regulation. The bad news is that the final year … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Repeals Licenses (And Criminal Penalties) For African-Style Hair Braiders

Regulators are getting out of entrepreneurs’ hair—literally. The past few weeks have seen states untangle hair care specialists from absurd licensing requirements. Earlier this month, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill to legalize natural or African-style hair braiding. … Continue reading

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