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Unity Shmunity

In one of my favorite podcasts “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, Kevin D. Williamson said something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time but could never quite get out very well. So, of course, Kevin being Kevin, voiced it … Continue reading

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Why Albany NH Struggles: Most of the Town is Federal Land

ALBANY — While the White Mountain National Forest brings thousands of recreation-minded visitors to the area each year, hosting the forest isn’t always fun for the small town of Albany. Albany selectmen say the town has gotten overwhelmed by the … Continue reading

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Dave Gaubatz Discusses Potential Terror Threat in the Queen City

Rich talked to Dave Gaubatz, author of Muslim Mafia and Arabic for Police and Military, about the Islamic Society of New Hampshire’s mosque in the Queen City.  He started the segment by sharing his background, before telling Rich about what he found in the mosque. | More… | … Continue reading

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North Korea’s Recent History of Random, Sudden, Violent Provocation

One aspect of the threat from North Korea that doesn’t get addressed seriously enough is the regime is either unable or unwilling to accurately assess the risks of its actions. It’s as if the entire Pyongyang government has no sense of … Continue reading

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Weeding Out the Administrative State

“…one BIG reason why Trump and Steve Bannon are HATED by Democrats / Progressive Authoritarians – they’ve made one of their Administration anchors to corral in and eliminate what the Federal Govt has wrought – 98,099 final rules – with their “propose … Continue reading

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Celebrate the WWII Ending Atomic Bombs for the Millions of Lives Saved

War is horrible.  People are killed, maimed, emotionally destroyed. Property is destroyed, wealth is consumed.  As we saw in WWI, even the winners lose in protracted wars.  As we’ve seen in Viet Nam and Iraq, trying to conduct a “gentle”, “compassionate”, … Continue reading

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What If It Was A Republican Governor Who Left for the Democrat Party?

The defection of a Republican Governor to the Democrats would be a complete repudiation of Trump and the GOP. There would be non-stop coverage at every level and local stories by local reporters in all the New Hampshire Media, for days, … Continue reading

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