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Concord Monitor Takes a Stand – When It’s A Republican

by Steve MacDonald We’ve been reporting the apparent theft of services by an SEIU Union Chapter VP and NH DES employee Richard de Seve for months as we struggle with the Department of Environmental Services and the State’s IT department, … Continue reading

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No Labels – Why are All Their “Leaders” Leftists?

No Labels, the latest of many left wing funded efforts to drag the right into the middle and the middle leftward, is looking for you to help them spread their message.  But before you drop your values, abandon your principles, … Continue reading

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Big Ben, Parliament

Rumor has it Mr. Obama gave a speech yesterday about something. I didn’t watch it and with good reason. Been there, done that. Two faced, self contradicting, tired, and repetitive. Put another way, Big Ben, Parliament. Continue reading

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Political Incivility is Not the New Hampshire Way

“Political Incivility is Not the New Hampshire Way” is the title of Jeanne Shaheen’s Op-Ed in the Morning Sunday News. I can only assume she is not familiar with her own State Democrat Party leadership, some of the people who have helped her get elected like Kathy Sullivan, and others; people who are on the record saying any number of uncivil things. Continue reading

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Union Thuggery -Coming Soon To A State House near You.

I was just thinking back to all the loose talk from the left about ending the gun ban in the New Hampshire State House. How they imagined someone just unloading over testimony supporting same sex marriage–to use one example–kids getting cut down in the cross-fire. And how they fell over themselves trying to scare parents into keeping their children from ever visiting the place because it was now just too dangerous. Continue reading

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Paul Hodes – Lobbyist

The Concord Monitor is reporting that Paul Hodes has started a business consultancy. This will have him back and forth to Washington DC for the purpose of connecting northern New England to Washington DC; a lateral move from his role as congressman when he was trying to sign New Hampshire away to Washington DC. Continue reading

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Sebelius Admits to Obamacare Double tap

Fans of the movie Zombieland might understand the post title right away.  In the movie the lead protagonist, “Columbus” has a set of rules he always follows which he believes are the only reason he is still alive after the … Continue reading

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