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‘Meritocracy’ is White Supremacy

Do you contribute to white supremacy? If you’re white you do. Yes, you do stop it. If you’re not white but let white people get away with “it,” you are part of the problem as well. To assist us with … Continue reading

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‘White Marble’ of Ancient Statues Supports White Supremacy

A University of Iowa professor argued that the appreciation of beauty inspired by the “white marble” of classical statuary supports white supremacy today. “The equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe; it’s a … Continue reading

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Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley’s Hypocrisy On Extremism

New Hampshire Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley doesn’t even have the decency to apologize for implying that thousands of likely New Hampshire voters are white supremacists. Instead, he has a spokesman spin his treachery to blame Republicans. | More… | GraniteGrok

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Putting NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley’s White Supremacist Remarks IN Context

New Hampshire Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley’s remarks last weekend should leave a mark. Yes, a Party Spokesman claims they were taken out of context but that’s not going to cut it because the actual context was not only evident, other recent events make … Continue reading

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Dem chair under fire for calling voters white supremacists

The chairman of New Hampshire’s Democratic Party has come under fire for comments that suggest some unregistered voters in the state are white supremacist. Ray Buckley was responding over the weekend to news that a group with links to President … Continue reading

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Dangerous Democrat Rhetoric

This past weekend, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley labeled over 15,000 patriotic Granite Staters as “extremists” and “white supremacists”. The most alarming thing about his comments is that our Federal Delegation –despite the story gaining national attention – failed … Continue reading

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Why Hasn’t Jeff Woodburn Denounced Ray Buckley: Dem Chair Called his Constituents White Supremacists

Coos county New Hampshire is almost entirely rural and based on the 2016 Presidential election it is full of disaffected voters, the very people Chairman Buckley just called White Supremacists. Ray Buckley has already doubled down on the remark so when are elected … Continue reading

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NH Dem Party Chair Calls Rural, Disaffected Voters, ‘White Supremacists’

Yesterday, Adam Sexton of WMUR interviewed the executive director of a new organization called ‘Look Ahead America.’ The organization is made up of some former Trump campaign “data masterminds” and will be looking to New Hampshire for voter outreach. Executive … Continue reading

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Carol Shea-Porter’s “Very-Fine” Deception

On August 18th, New Hampshire Congressperson Carol-Shea-Porter proudly announced her Co-Introduction of an Anti-White-Supremacy Resolution aimed at President Donald Trump. In a press release titled ‘Shea-Porter: President Trump’s Charlottesville Comments “A Disgrace to Our Nation,” ‘ she says,  | More… | GraniteGrok

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Conservatives of color frustrated by ‘white supremacist’ label after Charlottesville

You don’t have to be white to be accused of being a white supremacist, as some of those caught up in the rush to denounce racists and fascists in the wake of Charlottesville can attest. Take Shiva Ayyadurai and Daniel Alejandro Medina. … Continue reading

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