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Ann Mare Banfield: My Tribute to Sid Glassner, May He Rest In Peace

I attended a State Board of Education meeting and happened to be there the same day as Sid.  He spoke before the State Board of Ed as an expert on public education.  He had a career of working as a … Continue reading

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Keeping you in the dark: Public school blackout

In Nashua, the public was told nothing when the principal and vice principal of Ledge Street Elementary were suddenly not in school, replaced by two assistant superintendents. There, the school department initially did not even acknowledge that the two were … Continue reading

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Croydon Amendment is Unconstitutional – 1st Amendment Prohibits Discrimination Against Religious Schools

As such, it clearly violates United States Supreme Court precedent based on the free exercise clause: “the government must “maintain strict neutrality, neither aiding nor opposing religion,” Sch. Dist. of Abington Twp. v. Schempp, 374 U.S. 203, 225 (1963,) and … Continue reading

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Teachers Instructed to Use Math to Indoctrinate Kids in Social Justice

Unveiled earlier this month, the course aims to teach math instructors how to craft lesson-plans that incorporate social justice in order to raise their students’ awareness.  More… | PJ Media

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Metzler Gets Max Bonus

At their May 17th meeting, SAU55’s board awarded Dr. Metzler a 3% raise and a 4% bonus effective July 1, 2017. His total compensation increase is approximately $11,000. Dr. Metzler’s contract limits his bonus to a maximum of 4% of … Continue reading

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One NH School Seeing a BIG Increase in Test Refusals by Parents

Every year more parents catch on that the standardized testing in New Hampshire does nothing to help their children academically. In fact, it actually takes time away from learning in the classroom. One New Hampshire district is seeing a big … Continue reading

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Democrats Admit Why They Oppose The Croydon Bill

Still, a majority of Democrats on the committee objected to the amended bill, saying it ceded responsibilities previously held by state officials to local boards and didn’t do anything to protect against private schools’ discriminating against children with disabilities while … Continue reading

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