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Earthquake Hits Sandown Twice: Once by nature, once by politics

This morning a 2.7 magnitude earthquake hit Sandown.  I ran to my window thinking the oil delivery truck I was expecting had flipped over and exploded near my house. As exciting as that was, it didn’t compare to the explosive … Continue reading

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News That Didn’t Make the Cut

The Eagle Tribune today covered Donna Green’s resignation from the Timberlane Regional School Board, in protest of the board’s failure to act on the outrageous intrusion into the election process by the TRSD Superintendent when he slapped a no trespass order on … Continue reading

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Donna Green Resigns From Timberlane School Board…

The following is Donna Green’s statement following her resignation from the Timberlane Regional School Board on Thursday night, Feb. 8. after a meeting in which the board failed to rescind the no trespass order against Maxann Dobson, Timberlane school board … Continue reading

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HB 1344 – Time for Collective Bargaining Negotiations to (be) Public

HB 1344 will eliminate the exemption for collective bargaining negotiations and require that all collective bargaining negotiations be done in a public session. Below is a guest editorial by Donna Green of Sandown NH, a member of RTKNH. Salaries and benefits … Continue reading

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Superintendents should not be permitted to consult.

The Baltimore Sun today has a well-researched article about a former Baltimore County superintendent earning undisclosed income from a shady now-defunct educational consulting organization.  It highlights the pernicious conflicts of interest that can arise when superintendents receive income from consulting.  … Continue reading

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Green Prevails at State Board of Education

Today the New Hampshire State Board of Education took jurisdiction over the matter of my complaint concerning SAU 55.  Further, they ordered SAU 55’s board to hold a “fact-finding” public hearing.  The vote was 3-1-1.  SBOE member, Bill Duncan was … Continue reading

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Timberlane Superintendent Argues Against Proposed Budget Cuts

You will never hear these facts anywhere but here:  Timberlane’s student enrollment has declined by 24% in ten years (1100 students), but our staffing has decreased by just 3%.  Timberlane’s cost to its towns has gone up 36% in those … Continue reading

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