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Timberlane Superintendent Argues Against Proposed Budget Cuts

You will never hear these facts anywhere but here:  Timberlane’s student enrollment has declined by 24% in ten years (1100 students), but our staffing has decreased by just 3%.  Timberlane’s cost to its towns has gone up 36% in those … Continue reading

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Baseless Histrionics Over School Staffing

Your school board has indicated it wants to cut administrators and the budget.  Even though we regularly see surpluses in the $2 million range, a suggestion that we hold flat our budget and cut it by our surplus was met … Continue reading

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SAU 55: Timberlane is the poster child for fiscal irresponsibility

In yet more demonstration of a completely tone deaf school district management “team,” Timberlane’s draft one budget is asking for a $3.4 million INCREASE. We’re looking at the staggering ask of $75.1 million, up $3.347 million in one year. (Enrollment … Continue reading

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Local NH Tax Rate on the Rise

I don’t know about you, but for me $30 per thousand is a psychological breaking point. Sandown’s property tax rate this year is $30.78.  We’ve outstripped even the notorious town of Danville which has a comparably attractive $28.25 per thousand … Continue reading

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Donna Green: A Timberlane Blast From the Past

In reviewing old school board meeting clips, I came across this gem that so captures the attitude of the SAU to accountability, transparency, and their proper place in the pecking order. |Keep Reading at timberlaneandasandown

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Donna Green: A Reply to Karen Yasenka

In the October 19, 2017, edition of the TriTown Times, Hampstead School Board Chairman, Karen Yasenka, had this to say about three Timberlane School Board members, myself included: | Keep Reading at timberlaneandsandown

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Timberlane Regional School Board Neuters Itself and Sells Out Voters

The school board’s primary function is setting policy.  I’m sorry to report that the Timberlane Regional School Board is poised to pass a policy so deeply and profoundly flawed that it betrays every voter and parent in the district.  Please … Continue reading

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