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State Education Law in NH: There Isn’t Any!

Here is the “Education Clause” for all 50 states, found in their respective constitutions: State Education Clauses Notice how in almost every case the state is mandated or required to “establish” a statewide system of public schools. Not in NH. … Continue reading

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Opportunity for HEAC to Prove Its Value

The Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC) held their bi-monthly meeting on January 11, 2018. Their draft minutes are available here. We were again present and recorded their discussion; it is in four segments and published on our YouTube Channel. | Read More … Continue reading

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Schools Failing to Educate Kids Now Want to Treat Their Mental Health

There’s never a moment in the world of public education that it’s safe to let your guard down. Just when you begin to think the tide is beginning to turn or it can’t get any worse, educational elites dream up … Continue reading

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NH’s ATTACK on Religious Schools: TAKE ACTION

PLEASE write the House Eduction Committee members and ask them to vote AGAINST HB 1432 or ATTEND the PUBLIC HEARING: 01/30/2018 at 02:15 PM    LOB Room 207 (Legislative Office Building directly behind the State House)…| More at Girard at Large

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School choice poses no threat to great or good public schools

Reviewing his 1/9/18 column, one has to wonder if E. Scott Cracraft intentionally tries to mislead readers, if he just doesn’t care about children getting a decent start in life, if he’s blind to public education’s failures, or if he … Continue reading

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Family Profile: One Size Does Not Fit All

A lot of people ask me why I support SB193.  The answer is complicated.  I am the mother of a child with multiple learning challenges.  My child has autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia.  My child originally attended our local public … Continue reading

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School Choice for NH: Schedule for Week of January 8, 2018

Welcome to the start of the 2018 legislative session! The Senate and House Education Committees kick off with full schedules of public hearings. We are monitoring several bills and those will include our analysis and recommendations.  | Keep Reading at … Continue reading

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The Legislature will act Wednesday or Thursday on these important Bills!

The Legislature will act Wednesday or Thursday on these important Bills! Election Reform (HB372), Interest & Dividends Tax Reduction (HB529), Education Savings Accounts (SB193)…| Read More here

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Democrats Suddenly Don’t Want Public Education Used as a Political Weapon?

Dave Solomon, writing in the Union Leader, opens a State House Dome Column titled “‘Edelblut bill’ aims to restrain commissioners” on the matter of Democrat-sponsored SB 466. The Legislation is supposed to keep the State’s Commissioners from engaging in political activity like running for … Continue reading

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Expanding Educational Opportunities

This Wednesday, November 8th, the House Education Committee will vote on the retained Education Savings Account bill, SB 193. A subcommittee met multiple times over the summer and fall, passing an amended version in a 6 to 3 bipartisan vote. | Read … Continue reading

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