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Schools Failing to Educate Kids Now Want to Treat Their Mental Health

There’s never a moment in the world of public education that it’s safe to let your guard down. Just when you begin to think the tide is beginning to turn or it can’t get any worse, educational elites dream up … Continue reading

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Gun Control, Mental Health Issues, And Psychotropic Drugs.

Keith Hanson chats with the ladies of “Conservative Chic Chat” about gun control and mental health issues surrounding psychotropic drugs. | Listen Free on SoundCloud

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Knock Knock, Who’s Th….. Gun Control!

Kimberly Morin is back to talk about how the predictable rantings of liberal hoplophobes and their obsession with their own destructive political agenda make a serious conversation about mental health and violence impossible. | More at GraniteGrok.com

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Are NH Schools Practicing Mental Health Quackery On Your Kids?

The new federal law, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), pushes schools to shift their focus away from academics to treating your child’s mental health.  This is something I take very seriously since some children come to school having to deal with all … Continue reading

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NH Senate unveils proposal to help alleviate mental health waitlist

Republican Senate leaders unveiled a proposal Friday to dramatically expand the number of mental health treatment beds in New Hampshire. The plan comes in response to the growing number of psychiatric patients who have been forced to wait days or … Continue reading

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Merrimack School Is Now A Mental Health Facility

According to an article in the Manchester Union Leader, “Merrimack tackles mental health issues in the classroom after student survey,“Merrimack Schools are becoming a mental health facility.   I’ve listened to the school councilors argue against written consent from parents when … Continue reading

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