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New Hampshire Democrats Continue to Push for Discrimination Against Religious Schools

By Ed Mosca Earlier this week, the Executive Council voted on a $4.1 million scholarship plan. From the Concord Monitor: The program, approved by legislators last year, will provide for scholarship funding for 23 post-secondary institutions and training programs. Open … Continue reading

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Concord Monitor Believes Govt is Entitled To Our Money?

The Concord Fishwrap has a piece from the AP on the tax package going through Congress right now with the loaded title: “Tax Package would lower top tax rate for wealthy Americans.” As if that’s all it does.  Not that I … Continue reading

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Paul Hodes had Cognitive Dissonance again.

Concord Monitor (the ink-stained den for Progressives who have hard times stringing two coherent thoughts together) – on Jan 21, former CongressCritter Paul Hodes said that NH has to raise its entry labor costs in order to attract new businesses to … Continue reading

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Bias: Concord Monitor burying the lede on Trump’s action on Obamacare?

[T]hese AP pieces can be, and often are, edited and the Fishwrap could have executed editorial control and actually said the actual reason why Trump SHOULD have stopped the payments?  Hahahahaha!  Of COURSE not!  Instead, they soft-pedaled it – but … Continue reading

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Court rules reporter must testify in NH voter suppression case

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Supreme Court says a former reporter could be forced to testify against a man accused of sending a bogus email announcing a House candidate was dropping out of the race. The Concord Monitor … Continue reading

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Henniker seeks resolution of civil lawsuit filed after officer-involved shooting

Officials in Henniker argue a federal trial is not necessary to resolve the civil claims brought against them after a town police officer shot a man in the elbow in 2014. Instead, the town is once again asking a U.S. … Continue reading

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Prosecutors drop rape charges against former Proctor Academy student

The Merrimack County Attorney’s office has dismissed its case against a former Proctor Academy student accused of sexual assault. Derek Tillotson, 20, of Bow was scheduled to stand trial this week in Merrimack County Superior Court in Concord on three … Continue reading

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Sununu says New Hampshire won’t join climate alliance

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu says New Hampshire won’t join a growing group of states that are pledging to uphold the Paris climate agreement following President Donald Trump’s decision to back out.“Not at this time, especially when we do not yet know … Continue reading

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My Turn: How liberals discuss politics

I recently had a pleasant discussion with a friend, whom I’ll call Tim. I mentioned to him that I’d written a newspaper column stating that the 2008 credit crisis had been caused by wretched federal government policies. The discussion immediately … Continue reading

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NH State supreme court reverses rape conviction

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of a former Belknap County Deputy Sheriff convicted of sexually assaulting an inmate he was transporting to the state prison.The court issued a decision Monday on the appeal of Ernest Justin … Continue reading

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