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SpaceX has credible competition rocketing its way

SpaceX is Elon Musk’s rocket firm that is now known for having the first rocket that has now landed successfully and then reused for another mission.  However, creeping up its tail is founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

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Blogline of the Day – Not if you have a job

“Society has decided that honest opinions should only come from retired people.” Because those that get offended, pretend they’re offended, or those that want to get you politically will otherwise try to ruin your life and if you are retired, … Continue reading

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11 Items to ask on a Conservative first date

Love Kurt Schlichter – he writes like Mark Steyn and Steve Mac Donald!  Anyways, there was this third wave “intersectional” feminist, Lara Witt, that put out a list of questions that ANY self-respecting feminist must ask of her beta male … Continue reading

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Concord Monitor Believes Govt is Entitled To Our Money?

The Concord Fishwrap has a piece from the AP on the tax package going through Congress right now with the loaded title: “Tax Package would lower top tax rate for wealthy Americans.” As if that’s all it does.  Not that I … Continue reading

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