11 Items to ask on a Conservative first date

Townhall.com 11 questions conservatives first date

Image: Townhall.com

Love Kurt Schlichter – he writes like Mark Steyn and Steve Mac Donald!  Anyways, there was this third wave “intersectional” feminist, Lara Witt, that put out a list of questions that ANY self-respecting feminist must ask of her beta male date right off the bat.

Methinks that she’ll end up an old spinster or I’ll pity her future husband forever. Oh, wait, no I won’t because he will have voluntarily chosen his own personal hell for the rest of his life.  Here’s one example. “How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life?”

Here’s Schichter’s list – 11 Things Every Real Conservative Should Ask On A First Date

1. Do you believe that any group’s lives matter more than others?
2. How many genders are there?
3. How do you work to dismantle sexism in your life?
4. What are your thoughts on guns?
5. Do you support Israel in its fight against Seventh Century savagery?
6. What is your understanding of settler colonialism?
7. Do you think socialism is wonderful?
8. Do you believe in climate change?
9. Do you support people from Islamic countries?
10. So, what do you think of CNN and the mainstream media?
11. So, do you consider yourself Never Trump?

Note: You should go to the link at Townhall.com and check out his narrative for each as they are a great read, beginning with the unenumerated starter “Why the hell would anyone ever date an intersectional feminist?” 

(H/T: Townhall)

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