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An Exploration Of Isaiah 9 And The Beginning Of The Christmas Story

Where did the Christmas story begin? Well, the shadow of Jesus Christ is seen all throughout the Old Testament. It was the prophet, Isaiah, however, who gave the most eloquent and precise word on the coming Messiah, roughly 700 years … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania: Family Ordered To Remove “Jesus” Sign From Their Property

The PC, perpetually-offended crowd has struck again. This time in Pennsylvania where a homeowners’ association ordered a family to remove a “Jesus” sign from their own property because someone claimed to be “offended” by its presence. | Keep Reading at … Continue reading

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Woman complains United gave her seat to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Jackson Lee calls her racist

A woman named Jean Marie Simon was scheduled to take a United Airlines flight, booked into First Class using miles. Then she realized that United had bumped her from the seat, and given it to Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. … Continue reading

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Something Just Happened On The White House Grounds For The First Time Ever

The U.S. Secret Service just completed the first-ever live security drill on White House grounds. The alarming number of security breaches at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW have served as a warning that those tasked with protecting the president and his … Continue reading

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U. Minnesota Claims Anti-Christmas Memo Wasn’t Supposed to be Made Public

Of course they didn’t mean it to be public, it was terrible. We covered the memo in question in an earlier post. Now the school is back-tracking. The College Fix reports: University of Minnesota says its anti-Christmas memo wasn’t supposed to leak … Continue reading

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No, Misanthropes, It Wasn’t Okay For The Grinch To Hate The Whos

There’s a meme going around this holiday season that seeks to justify the Grinch’s quest to stop Christmas from coming. In true Internet fashion, it rewrites history and gets facts wrong to give its distributors a false sense of moral … Continue reading

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Forgiveness is the very best Christmas gift. For those of us who have suffered significant trauma at the hands of people who should have been our caretakers, this seems like an impossible task. The core violation of long term child … Continue reading

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