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Slow Progress for HEAC and Educational Neglect Bill

The Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC) held their bi-monthly meeting on Thursday, November 9th and made progress on several operational issues. We were again present and recorded their discussion; it is in six segments | More at School Choice for NH

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Filed So Far: Some Bills for 2018

More than 800 bills have been filed so far by New Hampshire legislators for 2018. Here are a few on which I’ll be reporting, with links to the texts of the bill where available. The Senate hasn’t released all its … Continue reading

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NH Family Buys Luxury SUV with Digital Cash, Bitcoin

New Hampshire is home to many early adopters and users of cryptocurrencies. One recent example is the purchase/sale of a used Lexus automobile for crypto, half Dash and half Bitcoin. Parties used their phones to easily transfer funds within a … Continue reading

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Coos County To Consider Assertion Of ‘Unpermitted’ Cog Road Up Mount Washington

The Coos County Commissioners plan to review an environmental group’s claim that the owner of the Cog Railway didn’t have the necessary permit to build a “road” to the top of the mountain that may be used to give tourists … Continue reading

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CAMERA focuses on Newton schools’ Arab-Israeli conflict curriculum

Discord over the way Newton’s high schools teach the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islam began six years ago, when a Newton South parent, Tony Pagliuso, was made aware of a statement in an article his daughter had been assigned in a … Continue reading

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Tales from the BudComm – “raised by taxes”

Now those of you that have been reading the ‘Grok for a while know that one of my big bugaboos is the combination of TANSTAAFL and “free money” – the former being “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free … Continue reading

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Manchester Pays $275,000 To Man Wrongly Arrested for Recording Police

Concord, NH – The City of Manchester has paid $275,000 to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit brought by the ACLU of New Hampshire (“ACLU-NH”) on behalf of Alfredo Valentin. Valentin was wrongly arrested in March 2015 for criminal wiretapping after … Continue reading

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Hearing on Springhill Farm Eviction to be Held December 6th

We have been following the case of the Springhill Farm which is run currently by tenant and relative of the trust owner Jay Sweet, and his family. The Sweets filed a discrimination complaint with the NH Commission for Human Rights over the … Continue reading

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Laconia Daily Sun Aids Belknap County Budget Shell Game Deceptions

The shell game continues on County Drive. It’s understandable that this sleight of hand would lead to errors in the Laconia Daily Sun’s article covering the Belknap County budget. Commissioner DeVoy, according to the Sun, said: “…it was poor budget management on the … Continue reading

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What did NH Democrats Know (About Sexual Predators) and When Did They Know It?

In the wake of Matt Lauer’s termination, and the self-immolation underway on the left, the news is littered with exciting tidbits from long-time liberal hypocrites about other long-time liberal hypocrites, like this. On ABC News’ “This Week,” veteran journalist Cokie Roberts … Continue reading

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