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Ellen Kolb: Notes on 2017

Looking back on the year from my blogger’s perch, I see lots of people who have inspired me in great and little ways. I hope I’ve passed that inspiration on to you, through that what I’ve written about them along … Continue reading

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Freeze Frame: Extreme Cold To Stick Around in N.H.

The extreme cold led to some dramatic winter scenes across the state, and at the seacoast, where the cold temperature over the Atlantic Ocean created “sea smoke,” or frost smoke, as the photos above show. | More at NHPR

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Study: New Hampshire’s government workforce 7th most productive in U.S.

A new study conducted by Key Policy Data, a data analytics company, might give taxpayers a better idea of what they’re getting in exchange for the cut of their income they see delivered to the government. The study, titled “Private … Continue reading

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Frost Heaves In December? Uh-oh…

In all my years I have never seen frost heaves in December. They usually start appearing in late February or early March as the sun gets stronger and the daytime temperatures rise above freezing, but not in late December. | Read More … Continue reading

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Will NH all Democrat female contingent protest Willie Singletary like they did Roy Moore?

A former Philadelphia judge named Willie Singletary has been in the public eye for quite a while and unfortunately for him, it’s not all been good. First, he was forced to resign after it was discovered that he sexually harassed a city cashier and … Continue reading

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Jeanne Shaheen Barred Because of Blacklist

WASHINGTON — The Russian Embassy in Washington said late on December 29 that it refused entry to U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen because she’s on a ‘black list’ that was created in reaction to sanctions imposed by the United States. | … Continue reading

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Trouble on the Right for Chris Sununu?

On December 14th, Governor Chris Sununu announced the formation of a Civil Rights Unit within the Attorney General’s office and the establishment of an Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion. | Keep Reading at the Ed Mosca Blog.

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New Hampshire House Will Vote On Marijuana Legalization On January 3rd

On January 3, the New Hampshire House is expected to vote on HB 656, a bill that would make marijuana legal for use by adults 21 and older. Although the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee has recommended against the bill’s … Continue reading

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What do Special Needs Students Need?

The whole premise of the anti-school-choice movement is that parents cannot be trusted to make sound educational decisions for their children. Still, it is jarring to hear people saying out loud that ESAs will harm special-needs children. These are precisely … Continue reading

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NH GOP Increases Calls for Resignation of State Rep Guilty of Assaulting a Citizen

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Republican Party renewed calls for the resignation of state representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord). Rogers is the representative who recently pleaded guilty to assaulting a volunteer during a ballot recount last year. | Keep Reading on NH … Continue reading

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