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New Hampshire House Will Vote On Marijuana Legalization On January 3rd

On January 3, the New Hampshire House is expected to vote on HB 656, a bill that would make marijuana legal for use by adults 21 and older. Although the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee has recommended against the bill’s … Continue reading

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What do Special Needs Students Need?

The whole premise of the anti-school-choice movement is that parents cannot be trusted to make sound educational decisions for their children. Still, it is jarring to hear people saying out loud that ESAs will harm special-needs children. These are precisely … Continue reading

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NH GOP Increases Calls for Resignation of State Rep Guilty of Assaulting a Citizen

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Republican Party renewed calls for the resignation of state representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord). Rogers is the representative who recently pleaded guilty to assaulting a volunteer during a ballot recount last year. | Keep Reading on NH … Continue reading

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Part II – ACLU Article on Student Voters in NH Sets the Standard for Stupid

 … One of those “institutions” is the NH-ACLU. They think they know better and a few weeks back one of their lawyers made a laughable defense for vote fraud in an article titled, ‘Residence’ voting bill has an economic impact. Ed … Continue reading

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Data Point – Schools keep growing (by adding “overhead”)

If an average classroom size is about 25 students and we multiply that by the average spending, that gives us $275,000 per year per classroom. If you’re in a school with 40 classrooms that’s $11 million per year to run a … Continue reading

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Anti-Regime Protests Spread Across Iran

Anti-government demonstrations that began in Iran on Thursday have now spread to several major cities. Large numbers reportedly turned out in Rasht, in the north, and Kermanshah, in the west, with smaller protests in Isfahan, Hamadan and elsewhere. | More … Continue reading

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Vermont Wants To Crack Down On Bootleggers Bringing Cheaper Liquor From New Hampshire

Prohibition might have been repealed in 1933, but modern-day bootleggers are still sidestepping state liquor laws. Now Vermont officials want heavier penalties for people trafficking booze from neighboring New Hampshire. | Read More at Vermont Public Radio

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