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Part II – ACLU Article on Student Voters in NH Sets the Standard for Stupid

 … One of those “institutions” is the NH-ACLU. They think they know better and a few weeks back one of their lawyers made a laughable defense for vote fraud in an article titled, ‘Residence’ voting bill has an economic impact. Ed … Continue reading

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UNH Student Admits – Out of State Students Stole Senate Election for Maggie Hassan

Yesterday, Ed Mosca beat me to the punch on reporting the latest histrionics from the New Hampshire left. House Bill 372, requires anyone who votes in an election with an out of state ID to obtain an NH ID within … Continue reading

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No Snowflakes, HB 372 is Not a Poll Tax

The problem with the poll tax argument is that HB 372 does not require the payment of any tax or fee or fine to vote.  Even if you failed to pay your property taxes, or failed to register your car, … Continue reading

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