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Michael Gill’s Manchester message board gets unplugged

MANCHESTER — A judge allowed the majority owner of the commercial condominium housing Mortgage Specialists in Manchester to cut the power Thursday to a sign board displaying controversial messages, saying owner Michael Gill is in contempt of court for continuing … Continue reading

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Deerfield PD adopts new policy for illegal immigrants

DEERFIELD — Town police officers won’t stop, hold or interrogate someone solely to determine their immigration status, under a police department policy adopted this week following last month’s detention of an illegal immigrant who got a flat tire going through … Continue reading

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NH: Judge won’t answer victimless crime question

‘ The “INTERBRANCH CRIMINAL AND JUVENILE JUSTICE COUNCIL” meets at the NH State House complex. While waiting for its members to arrive, I do have questions for random politicians. That’s Judge Tina Nadeau…I think she’s also the council chair who … Continue reading

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Boston police arrest, charge man in murder of NH woman

Boston authorities have charged a man with Sunday’s murder of two people, including Michaela Gingras, 24, a Manchester, N.H., native who grew up in Goffstown and who was found shot in a Dorchester apartment building. Lance Holloman, 30, was arrested … Continue reading

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Judge grants summary judgment against Gill in defamation suit

In his recent order, Tucker ruled that Gill is liable for damages “because the undisputed factual record establishes the defendant failed to exercise reasonable care in publishing without valid privilege a false and defamatory statement of fact’ about each plaintiff.” … Continue reading

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Democrat Socialists Admit Violence is Intrinsic to their Political Philosophy

We’ve always known Democrats are violent by nature and now they are admitting it. Anti-fascist activists, or “Antifa,” increasingly mobilized in the wake of President Trump’s election, are unapologetic about what they describe as the necessary use of violence to combat … Continue reading

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Police: Barbed Wire Strung up in Local Trail Intentionally

PELHAM, N.H. (AP) — Police in New Hampshire are working to find who strung up barbed wire across a neighborhood trail in Pelham. Pelham police say the way the wire was wrapped led them to believe it was intentional, as it was … Continue reading

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