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Legislation will Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation in New Hampshire

On Wednesday, the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will hear testimony on House Bill 1739 (HB 1739), AN ACT prohibiting female genital mutilation. The legislation is aimed at ending the horrific practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on girls under 18 years … Continue reading

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Right of feds to make drug arrests at I-93 immigration roadblocks challenged

PLYMOUTH — District Court Judge Thomas Rappa is considering whether to dismiss state drug charges against 16 people stopped at federal Border Patrol immigration checkpoints on Interstate 93 in Woodstock in August and September. *| Keep Reading at the Union … Continue reading

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Anti-Fascist Antifa Can’t Define Fascism

I forgot about these morons while on hiatus bathing in the warmth and the sun with good company and cocktails. But now that I’m back and settling into the groove, I’m reminded that we’re surrounded by misguided, ignorant hyperventilating morons. … Continue reading

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NH Woman Flashed Uber Driver During Louisiana Robbery

HARAHAN, LA — Two former Granite Staters are in trouble with the law in Louisiana after they allegedly robbed an Uber driver, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayunne. Rayna Fillios, 22, was arrested on Jan. 6, 2018, for being a principal … Continue reading

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A Difference of Opinion

Every now and then, I draft a post and then sit on it overnight. That’s usually when I’m really worked up over something. Twelve hours later, do I still feel the same way? If the answer’s Yes, I hit “send.” … Continue reading

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NH House: It’s Acceptable for State Reps to Assault Election Volunteers

Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives took a vote on whether or not to send the case of State Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord) to the Legislative Administration Committee in order to reprimand her for committing physical assault on a … Continue reading

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Darlene Pawlik: What is Human Trafficking

n the simplest terms, human trafficking is the exploitation of a person for the purpose of forced labor, sexual exploitation or obtaining their organs, for the benefit of another whether by force, fraud or coercion. The exploitation of others has … Continue reading

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