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The Volinsky Agenda

Andru Volinsky shares his extreme left-wing agenda in a tweet. Translation… | Ed Mosca Blog

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Liberal Judges And Their Sweeping Rejections Have Consequences

  Did Striking down Trump’s immigration Executive Order kill off Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate? | GraniteGrok

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Democrat NH House Rep Cindy Rosenwald – About That 800 Million Dollar Deficit

Nashua Democrat House Rep Cindy Rosenwald (Fiance Committee) recently penned an op/ed entitled ‘The 800 Million Budget Deficit Myth, in which she attempted to demonstrate that that evil rumor about Democrats leaving a huge hole in the State budget were … Continue reading

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Concord Monitor Takes a Stand – When It’s A Republican

by Steve MacDonald We’ve been reporting the apparent theft of services by an SEIU Union Chapter VP and NH DES employee Richard de Seve for months as we struggle with the Department of Environmental Services and the State’s IT department, … Continue reading

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The ‘Weinergate’ Effect (On Congressional Tweets)

According to Mashable, congressional Tweets are down 30% since the Weinergate debacle unfolded. The lesson in the aftermath seems to be that less Twitter is better if your day job lands you in the Capitol building. Either that or 30% of the Tweets coming from the Federal Government’s elected members may be considered of a questionable nature and that activity has been castrated by little Anthony and his tweets. Continue reading

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Shea-Porter To Face Democrat Primary

The Concord Monitor is reporting that Portsmouth businesswoman Joanne Dowdell intends to challenge former Congresspersonista Carol SEIU-Porter for a shot at Frank Guinta in 2012 Continue reading

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No Labels – Why are All Their “Leaders” Leftists?

No Labels, the latest of many left wing funded efforts to drag the right into the middle and the middle leftward, is looking for you to help them spread their message.  But before you drop your values, abandon your principles, … Continue reading

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