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NH State Rep Sherry Frost – what, she thinks she’s now the Sandra Fluke of knees?

Of COURSE you must remember Sandra Fluke – we wrote about her often enough (Steve: ‘Sandra ““I can’t afford my own 9$/month birth control pills” Fluke) who turned the word “access” (it is available and I can buy it) into … Continue reading

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College moves on from LGBTQ director suspicious of ‘white gays and well meaning white women’

I wonder if he’s talking about Ray Buckley (white-gay) or Sherry Frost and if the latter does that make her homicidal too? The Claremont Colleges are looking for a new Queer Resources Center director after tweets disparaging white people and the … Continue reading

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Sherry Frost’s New Role Model? Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Drops the F-Bomb!

Washington (CNN)Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s message about helping the public took on a bold tone Friday morning when she told a crowd at a conference on technology and democracy, “If we are not helping people, we should go the f— … Continue reading

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How Representative Sherry Frost Has Elevated Political Discourse in New Hampshire

The tweet from Representative Sherry Frost, aka Representative Potty-Mouth, that first became notorious was this one, calling State Senators “fuckers” for voting to reform New Hampshire’s concealed-carry law. More… Check Out Ed’s New Theme – Looks Great! | Ed Mosca Blog … Continue reading

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Frost Witch Hunt? Dover constituents have been complaining since January

Last week was the Ethics Hearing where Frost had the chance to defend her behavior but instead chose to ‘lawyer-up’ and didn’t even apologize to the New Hampshire Citizens she publicly humiliated and marginalized. At the hearing last week, Frost … Continue reading

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Frost’s Chilling Effect

Anyone who is not a lobbyist but has used their own time and money – and taken the time out of their work day – to testify before a NH House or Senate committee knows how scary and intimidating it … Continue reading

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Will Speaker Jasper Give Rep Sherry Frost a Pass?

Needless to say, the #nhpolitics press will lose their minds if the House imposes any discipline on Representative Sherry Frost, aka Representative Potty-Mouth.  Their coverage has ignored Potty-Mouth’s clear violations of House rules while portraying Republicans as throwing stones from a glass … Continue reading

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