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New Hampshire Democrats Doth Protest Too Much

Kimberly Morin joins me to discuss the New Hampshire Democrat Party getting their jimmies rustled over NH House Rep Victoria Sullivan Tweeting a Hitler quote that should have had them applauding seeing as it’s exactly the sort of thing they … Continue reading

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Twitter: We Used To Believe In Free Speech But Not So Much Anymore

Business Insider reports that a Twitter executive named Sinead McSweeney spoke to British politicians Tuesday and made clear that the company no longer believes the answer to bad speech is more speech. Instead, McSweeney says Twitter is now on a “journey” … Continue reading

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Democrat Lawmaker posts, then deletes, Trump assassination comment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri lawmaker acknowledged Thursday that she posted and later deleted a comment on Facebook about hoping for President Donald Trump’s assassination, saying she was frustrated with the president’s response to the white supremacist rally and … Continue reading

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OP-ED: On Trump’s Release of the CNN Beat-down Tweet

President Trump released a Rorschach Test video a couple of days ago. To the majority of mainstream media, it was an incitement to commit violence against journalists. To the majority of Trump’s supporters, it was a wince-inducing, guilty-pleasure gut laugh. … Continue reading

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CNN Tries To Get Trump Kicked Off Twitter…No Such Luck

Those dismissing Trump’s WWE tweet just don’t get it. Ridicule is the most powerful political weapon there is. Ridicule diminishes and makes small, it turns its intended target into a punchline; it ensures its intended target is never taken seriously again. … Continue reading

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Colin Kaepernick Compares Modern Day Police To Slave Catchers

I’m no expert on political stances that unemployed NFL quarterbacks should embrace on Twitter to ensure that they have a chance to play in the league again, but comparing modern day police officers to slave catchers probably isn’t helpful. Yet … Continue reading

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Democratic rep (Sherry Frost) in spotlight for Twitter comments

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire Democratic state representative Wednesday defended comments she made on Twitter that men telling her to calm down make her homicidal and that white, Christian men represent a terrorist problem. More… | AP

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Did House Rep. Sherry “F***er” Frost Violate RSA 15-b?

Good Question. Here’s the RSA. Did @frostnhstaterep VIOLATE RSA 15-B by accepting a 'gift' of representation from a lawyer? #NHpolitics #NHHouse pic.twitter.com/abrPN3ZHtF — Kimberly Morin (@Conservativeind) May 11, 2017

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Ethics Panel Dismisses Complaint Against Sununu Over Waterville Twitter Selfie

A state ethics panel says it’s possible Governor Chris Sununu violated ethics rules when he promoted his family’s ski resort from his gubernatorial Twitter account. But the committee says it won’t investigate the issue further — and is taking issue … Continue reading

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A ‘Heads-Up’ About Content Curation

Most days there is not enough local content to fill the tank here at The New Media Militia. Bloggers, podcasters, and even humble radio hosts take days off. That void is filled with national content. Readers are welcome to suggest … Continue reading

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