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The Culture That Hates Speech

University speech guides, free speech zones, microaggressions, and the entire campus thought-police culture is programming future generations to accept that those in “authority” cannot only define where and when ‘speech’ may occur but who may participate and what words they … Continue reading

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RTKNH receives First Amendment Award

We couldn’t be more proud.  On Thursday night, October 5, 2017, the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications awarded Right to Know NH its First Amendment Award. The award is given annually by the school to those who have “gone … Continue reading

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Double Standards; one for Christians and one for Gays?

We have seen a number of militant gay couples go to Christian small businesses like flower shops, wedding photographers, wedding chapel owners, and t-shirt makers and demand to be served.  At almost every turn, anti-discrimination ordinances or that any business … Continue reading

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Listen Live Tomorrow Morning

I’ll be away from the Internet most of the day today so there won’t be much if any new content posted. Instead, scroll down through the recent material, some fifty or so links to news and opinion over the past … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter protesters shut down ACLU speaker at William & Mary

Students affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement crashed an event at the College of William & Mary, rushed the stage, and prevented the invited guest—the American Civil Liberties Union’s Claire Gastañaga, a W & M alum—from speaking. Ironically, Gastañaga … Continue reading

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Doubling down: Shea-Porter attacks two amendments

For decades, gun control advocates have used every tragedy to push for unworkable, unpopular, unconstitutional laws that won’t do anything to deter murderers. But New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter was not content to merely attack the 2nd Amendment. She also … Continue reading

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Berkeley Protesters Try To Explain What They’re Protesting. It’s Hilarious.

Asked to explain exactly how they were empowering “hate speech,” the protester says, “Because what they’re doing is allowing sick people like Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and Bannon and these sick people to promote hate speech and to go ahead and … Continue reading

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