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An Open Letter to Libertarians

One of the great things about the internet is the availability of information at the push of a button, and the ease with which people from around the globe can communicate. While this can be a powerful tool to help … Continue reading

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The difference between Libertarians and Statist/Progressive Totalitarians

I’ve copied the full Letter (by Jilletta Jarvis) after the jump if you are so inclined (go ahead, you know you want to!).  What was surprising was not its content but with the vehemence those commenters I would place in the … Continue reading

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Conservatism or Libertarianism: Why are they different?

I believe the differences may lie in the theological concept known as total depravity. A basic understanding of the doctrine of total depravity teaches that all human beings are morally corrupt from birth. I believe that conservatives even though they may … Continue reading

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67% of NH Cannabis Freedom Festival Attendees Score Libertarian on Quiz

This weekend Darryl W Perry and I manned a Libertarian Party of NH outreach booth at the first-ever NH Cannabis Freedom Festival and it went extremely well! Over the course of three days at the festival, we found that over 67% of … Continue reading

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Libertarians wrestle with the alt-right

Christopher Cantwell, the self-described anti-Semite and alt-right activist who starred in a viral Vice News documentary about the deadly protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, is now facing three charges based on his conduct. Unlike some of the other marchers, Cantwell was … Continue reading

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Libertarian Party Apologizes After Saying North Korea Has More Freedom than the United States

The Libertarian Party has apologized after a tweet praising North Korea as having more freedom than the United States. In a series of now-deleted tweets, the official Twitter account of the Libertarian Party tweeted praise at North Korea last week … Continue reading

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Libertarian Activists Enforce Headlight Law

Manchester PD was one of 7 gangs to receive a share of $1,304,118 (pages 63 and 124) in grants to conduct “sobriety” checkpoints. One of the checkpoints was conducted this past Thursday, July 20th 10pm through July 21st 2:30am. The checkpoint was … Continue reading

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