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Senator Shaheen’s Selective Defense Of Small Business Owners

New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation is unified in its defense of the Granite State from efforts to make online purchases taxable. Their primary objection, and I’ll use Senator Shaheen as my whipping donkey for this, is the burden it puts on … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Libertarians

One of the great things about the internet is the availability of information at the push of a button, and the ease with which people from around the globe can communicate. While this can be a powerful tool to help … Continue reading

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New Hampshire to fight internet sales tax

CONCORD — Gov. Chris Sununu and Attorney General Gordon MacDonald announced Wednesday that the state of New Hampshire will argue to the U.S. Supreme Court that it should not overrule existing precedent in a manner that would expose New Hampshire … Continue reading

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Democrat’s “Illegal Internet Gun Sales” Narrative Crashes and Burns

The media homonculi in the shared Democrat party narrative “room” in the bowels of Washington DC is continuously cranking out bumper-sticker BS sold by so-called experts. They force feed it into the collectivist unconscious where it pops up in news-feeds, … Continue reading

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The End of Net Neutrality Means Less Than Nothing

The FCC just tossed Obama’s attempt to regulate the Internet. When my daughter asked my opinion I told her, “remember back in antiquity (circa 2015) before New Neutrality? When the internet was a thriving, growing, thing looking for every way … Continue reading

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Economy is clicking: Innovation is faster than government

The private sector often moves too fast for government to keep up. That’s a good thing. We certainly wouldn’t want to slow down businesses by limiting their rate of innovation to the public sector. But that can lead to gaps … Continue reading

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Germany bans antifa website for legitimizing violence.

The Federal Interior Ministry has banned what it describes as the most influential internet platform for the militant left in Germany. The move is believed to be in response to violence outside the G20 in Hamburg last month. Authorities informed … Continue reading

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N.H. bill would give privacy protection against ISPs that federal government has rejected

Internet providers in New Hampshire would have to alert customers before selling information about their online practices under a proposal that seeks to replicate at the state level internet privacy regulations that were blocked by Congress last month. More… *| … Continue reading

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Get government out of the internet’s business

Why would the former head of a federal agency write an opinion essay defending a federal regulation he created without ever naming the regulation he is trying to defend? Because he doesn’t want you to know there was a time … Continue reading

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NSA To Limit Some Collection Of Internet Communication

The National Security Agency is scaling back the way it spies on some communications over the Internet. The NSA says it discovered what it called “lapses” in compliance with U.S. law. They’re called “about” communications: The NSA not only watches … Continue reading

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