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Senator Shaheen’s Selective Defense Of Small Business Owners

New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation is unified in its defense of the Granite State from efforts to make online purchases taxable. Their primary objection, and I’ll use Senator Shaheen as my whipping donkey for this, is the burden it puts on … Continue reading

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House bill proposes change to business filings requirements

You don’t have to register with the state to do business in New Hampshire, as long as you do it under your own name. HB1434 would change that, at least for all businesses with employees or those that make more … Continue reading

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New Hampshire lawmakers grill proponents of tax credit proposal

The Small Business Jobs Fund Act, a $60 million tax credit to encourage investment in New Hampshire, would more than pay for itself, according to the two companies that back the program and stand to make millions of dollars of … Continue reading

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Help Save A Small New Hampshire Business

Steve’s primary business was his Christmas Tree Farm & Gift Shop which generated income during the short holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He recently spent 4 long years trying to establish a legal venue for weddings to provide secondary … Continue reading

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Tax credit plan would be a giant leap for NH

Would a proposed NH Small Business Jobs Fund create so much economic activity through tax credits that it could reverse rush hour traffic on Interstate 93, as one lobbyist put it, or are such programs a “scam” to let out-of-state … Continue reading

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It’s A Shameless Capitalist Endorsement!

I have invested some time and (renewable) energy arguing against federal subsidies and hand outs to prop up businesses that make environmentalists and their democrat sugar daddies happy. My primary objective with “green” energy projects has not been the business itself or even the goal, but the way in which the state and federal government uses our money to pick winners and losers or to incentivise things. Continue reading

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