It’s A Shameless Capitalist Endorsement!

Adros EnergyI have invested some time and (renewable) energy arguing against federal subsidies and hand outs to prop up businesses that make environmentalists and their democrat sugar daddies happy.  My primary objective with “green” energy projects has not been the business itself or even the goal, but the way in which the state and federal government uses our money to pick winners and losers or to incentivise things.

So it only seems fair to point out when someone is trying to advance alternative energy the right way.   I recently met the guys who run Adros Energy in Amherst New Hampshire.  Theirs is a veteran owned company that does home energy audits, and specializes in hybridizing or combining clean energy systems like solar, thermal and wind together to free people from the control of government regulations over energy and what usually amounts to some kind of monopoly on power and pricing by one or few providers.

The words independence and freedom got me where I live.  We’re not talking about freedom from a dependence on foreign supplies but of domestic ones.  Your heat and electricity are produced here, almost exclusively with local resources.  And have noticed?  The government is hell bent on using that industry to control your behavior and launder your money into the coffers of the government.

So what can Adros do?  Energy Audits.  They tell me it’s their most popular service because they can do a basement to attic evaluation–your entire home–and give you a list of recommended changes that could save you 30-50% on your annual heating and cooling costs, every year, and they guarantee it.

Veteran owned, local, and off the federal hand out grid?  They want to show you how to invest in your home to save more of your money not how to screw other taxpayers out of theirs?  And if you are interested, and have the resources, they will even show you options to make your own home energy independent from the local utilities and the rising prices and taxes we all face.

So don’t say I never supported local business, thoughtful conservation measures, or clean energy, and look, all at the same time.

There are folks out there trying to do it the right way.  You just have to look for them.




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