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NHRVC Endorses Jack Thorsen For GOP Area 2 Vice Chair

As you may have heard, NHRVC endorsed candidate for Area 2 Vice Chair, Chris Buck has decided to drop out of the race.

Jack Thorsen, who entered this race several weeks after we endorsed Chris, is now NHRVC’s endorsed candidate for this position. As most of you already know, Jack is a solid conservative and a hard working activist who has been a longtime member of our group. Continue reading

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Is This The Worst Bagel Ever?

Making things taste like crap on purpose in not something the free market traditionally rewards unless it is popular-trendy “tastes like crap,” in which case all the finest people are buying it which encourages lesser mortals seeking aimlessly for some … Continue reading

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Is Leadership Opposing The Recall Bill? (HB 73)

Sources in the State House have suggested to me that Dan Itse’s HB 73, ‘An Act establishing a process for recall of US Senators from New Hampshire, may be opposed by the Republican House leadership Continue reading

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