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Get Optimized!

One of my New Years Resolutions, sort of, was to work on new business ideas that could capitalize on my writing and experience with Social Media.  Well, I’ve met some folks with a similar goal and this is the beginning … Continue reading

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Sullivan’s New Hampshire

Sullivan’s NH -Burning down the houseThe ‘Su’ in Suckly, Kathy Lawsuit’ Sullivan, has a regular editorial in the Union Leader. I have no idea why but after reading it and taking a shower to get the brimstone smell off of me, I have to make an arbitrary decision as to whether I should comment. Continue reading

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Dean “Bob” Barker climbs off the Hamster

Dean ‘Bob’ Barker will no longer be handling the day to day duties at Boo Hoo Hamster so we are left to wonder whose job it will be to decide what hate and threats should stay up as representative of “free speech” and what should be taken down as free speech that is more trouble than it is worth. So many qualified people to choose from for that job… Continue reading

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