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Kos And Effect

The Boo Hoo Hamster crowd, often cross-posting to or from Daily Kos, might want to ask themselves as they poo poo about this or that, which party was more invested in the demise of Gabrielle Gifford, a Blue Dog Democrat … Continue reading

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Lube Job Redux

  It’s been fun to watch the Soap Opera unfold after AIDS Services got caught up in a kerfuffle over ‘sex kits’ distributed at Monadnock High School.  Everyone went into CYA mode as what seemed like a perfectly normal activity … Continue reading

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Unemployment- Is the Good News Bad?

The percentage went down to 9.4% for December but is that a good thing?  We will have to wait until we get the January numbers to shake out the holiday hiring but overall it is not strong news. While there … Continue reading

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