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Save By Switching to Trump

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Sen. Rubio jokes of making Pats QB Tom Brady ambassador to Brazil

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a lifelong fan of the Miami Dolphins, has grown weary of watching the New England Patriots rack up Super Bowl wins while his team watches from afar. Operating on the theory that … Continue reading

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Flashback: Will We Need A Mistletoe ‘Rape’ Exception?

From Dec. 2014 and the early days of the rampant campaus rape narrative. If a spontaneous act of Holiday cheer inspired a yule-induced smooch without the presence of a proper “flight plan” filed with the FAA (overseeing violations of personal air … Continue reading

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#EarthDay’ greetings enviro-lefties will NOT appreciate

Today is “Earth Day,” and events are taking place around the world. However, the day never feels complete without pointing out some irony and hypocrisy, and these tweeters were happy to oblige. See the Tweets… |Twitchy Please Like and Share … Continue reading

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The ‘Weinergate’ Effect (On Congressional Tweets)

According to Mashable, congressional Tweets are down 30% since the Weinergate debacle unfolded. The lesson in the aftermath seems to be that less Twitter is better if your day job lands you in the Capitol building. Either that or 30% of the Tweets coming from the Federal Government’s elected members may be considered of a questionable nature and that activity has been castrated by little Anthony and his tweets. Continue reading

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The Right To Your Money: Nothing ‘Fair’ About It.

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition, discovering that it’s “percentage of income model” argument against property taxes really applies to all things, and that lower income people pay a higher percentage of their income on everything,  (a problem resolved through … Continue reading

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Best Movie Line Ever

Promoted, or maybe demoted? from GraniteGrok.  And thanks to Jim Bender for sending this to Skip.

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