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Car without hits parked Laconia police cruiser, flees

Someone at the Union leader lost their mind for several minutes, just after 11 AM. That’s an actual headline. Car without hits parked Laconia police cruiser, flees. Find another at the link. | GraniteGrok

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Flashback: Will We Need A Mistletoe ‘Rape’ Exception?

From Dec. 2014 and the early days of the rampant campaus rape narrative. If a spontaneous act of Holiday cheer inspired a yule-induced smooch without the presence of a proper “flight plan” filed with the FAA (overseeing violations of personal air … Continue reading

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Best Movie Line Ever

Promoted, or maybe demoted? from GraniteGrok.  And thanks to Jim Bender for sending this to Skip.

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Half-Bass’d Mast [Updated]

Well the timer was short. The result? When you copy an image location and someone does not like what you do with it, they snip your little life-line and the image goes away. You are left with a broken link, some alternate text if you added any, and plenty of people asking–huh? Continue reading

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Pic-O-The Day Redux (WTF?)

Inspired by this mornings Picture of the Day (over at GraniteGrok.com) the NH Tenth Amendment Center’s Dan Kanna, one of our on-air guests from last Saturday’s GrokTalk! at the GOP committee meeting, took to the digital palette and crafted a new and improved version for us. Continue reading

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Is This The Worst Bagel Ever?

Making things taste like crap on purpose in not something the free market traditionally rewards unless it is popular-trendy “tastes like crap,” in which case all the finest people are buying it which encourages lesser mortals seeking aimlessly for some … Continue reading

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Local Newss?

This form the UK on New Hampshire. I have not honestly looked arond yet to see what local coverage there is on this, I may be way behind as usual, but the fact that his is news in the UK … Continue reading

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