Half-Bass’d Mast [Updated]


Well the timer was short.  The result?  When you copy an image location and someone does not like what you do with it, they snip your little life-line and the image goes away. You are left with a broken link, some alternate text if you added any, and plenty of people asking–huh?

That is what the nice people at Bass Inc. did.  But they didn’t change the image, and they did not remove it from all the emails they sent out.  So we once more revisit the lesson I so often teach people about the internet.  Once it is out there, it is there forever.

Say hello to forever.

The original post is below with the image returned to its proper place.  And I get another blog post out of it.

Original Post

Make of this what you will, but the banner image in Charlie Bass’ email newsletter shows the US Capitol building dome with the American flag flying in front of it.

The flag is flying at half-mast. (Start the timer to see how long it takes for them to change that.

(All the people he knows you’d think they wouldn’t have done a half-bass job on the graphics.  Nice shade of blue though.)

Bass Mast (er)

Cross Posted

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