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Bipartisan lawmakers help colleague after son’s death

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire lawmakers have come together to help one of their own. Rep. Dan Itse’s 23-year-old son, Jarrod, who was severely ill since birth, died earlier this month. Within days, a group of bipartisan lawmakers and … Continue reading

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Dan Itse: Autumnal Thoughts From the NH State House

Beginning in September, we resume our activities in determining the public policy of the state of New Hampshire.  We begin holding public meetings on retained bills, those bills that we felt had merit, but we could not resolve in the … Continue reading

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Dan Itse: Christianity is not Socialism

First, NO Christianity is not socialist. It is based entirely upon personal responsibility. While first century Christians often lived in a communal manner, it was voluntary. Socialism and communism are never voluntary. Keep reading… | GraniteGrok

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Is Leadership Opposing The Recall Bill? (HB 73)

Sources in the State House have suggested to me that Dan Itse’s HB 73, ‘An Act establishing a process for recall of US Senators from New Hampshire, may be opposed by the Republican House leadership Continue reading

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