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Socialism has always tried to hide itself from American Principles…

I have held onto this copy of National Review for nine years with its cover turned back to keep this article topmost.  In doing so, I always told myself “I need to post this up as it shows that socialists couldn’t be … Continue reading

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If Socialism Helps the Poor, Why…

If socialism helps the poor, why are the poor in socialist countries so much poorer than the poor in capitalist countries? 🤔 — Mark (@markantro) November 1, 2017

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Calls Private Property Hindrance to Progress

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is a leftist. His words and actions have proved this repeatedly. Yet during an interview with New York Magazine published this week, he said some things that would make Bernie Sanders wince. When … Continue reading

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Dan Itse: Christianity is not Socialism

First, NO Christianity is not socialist. It is based entirely upon personal responsibility. While first century Christians often lived in a communal manner, it was voluntary. Socialism and communism are never voluntary. Keep reading… | GraniteGrok

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Is Carol Coming Out Of The Commie Closet?

In Carol Seiu-Porter’s last debate she emphasized her commitment to government as a source for solutions and inferred that people who object to that position are just way out there, you know, extremists. Unfortunately for Carol, the majority of Americans … Continue reading

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