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Socialism has always tried to hide itself from American Principles…

I have held onto this copy of National Review for nine years with its cover turned back to keep this article topmost.  In doing so, I always told myself “I need to post this up as it shows that socialists couldn’t be … Continue reading

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If we normalize relations with North Korea, crappy regimes will recognize that nukes are the only viable insurance policy

If we normalize relations with North Korea, it will not suddenly embrace normal rules of trade and the free flow of capital and information for precisely the reasons I laid out above: Doing so would undermine the power of the … Continue reading

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Stop Enjoying Summer: Don’t drive, don’t fly, don’t grill burgers, and also don’t stay home and procreate

The Merchants of Misery — a.k.a., climate scientists — are working overtime to shame you about all the pleasures you’re enjoying this summer and how your selfish indulgences will cause the planet’s demise. Grilling your favorite cheeseburger? Glutton! Packing up … Continue reading

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Diplomacy With Iran is Over -and so is the Era of Obama’s Straw Men

President Trump did more than retaliate for Bashar al-Assad’s illegal and inhumane use of nerve agents against civilians when he ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles to destroy al-Shayrat airbase in Syria. He also detonated a few shibboleths of … Continue reading

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