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If Socialism Helps the Poor, Why…

If socialism helps the poor, why are the poor in socialist countries so much poorer than the poor in capitalist countries? ūü§Ē — Mark (@markantro) November 1, 2017

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Census Data Points to Higher Rural Poverty Rates Around New Hampshire

Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau points to a low statewide poverty rate while showing higher adult and childhood poverty rates in rural communities. The¬†U. S. Census Bureau¬†American Community Survey¬†on Oct. 19 released poverty estimates, which were based on … Continue reading

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Child Poverty Down in NH, But Pockets Persist

CONCORD, N.H. — The Granite State is making progress in reducing poverty, according to the latest numbers. But some groups are seeing only limited gains as the state recovers from the Great Recession. Phil Sletten, policy analyst with the New … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Has the Highest Median Income in the US

For a state¬†with no minimum wage¬†the people who live here are doing rather well. The mean average hourly wage for the entire state rose from $22.62/hour in 2014 to $24.03/hour in the 2016 report (+6.2%). The mean entry level wage … Continue reading

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Forbes: NH Has Lowest Poverty in Nation Again

By the official¬†definition¬†of poverty in America, New Mexico has the nation‚Äôs highest poverty rate, 21.8 percent, while New Hampshire has the lowest, 6.6 percent. But a newer, more comprehensive¬†measure¬†of poverty by the U.S. Census Bureau tells a different story, with¬†California … Continue reading

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Notable Quote ‚Äď Cassy Fiano

Liberals typically aren‚Äôt willing to do anything to lift people out of poverty and give them opportunities to improve their lives. They want to keep people in poverty right where they are, and they do so by making them reliant … Continue reading

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Does the Minimum Wage Prevent Poverty?

| Prager U

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