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Got Power?

No power, no internet, no phone.  Updates will be spotty for a bit. With that in mind… MANCHESTER, N.H. —Pounding rain and damaging winds left behind a trail of destruction Monday in New Hampshire, where hundreds of thousands of homes … Continue reading

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Notable Quote – Cassy Fiano

Liberals typically aren’t willing to do anything to lift people out of poverty and give them opportunities to improve their lives. They want to keep people in poverty right where they are, and they do so by making them reliant … Continue reading

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Darlene Pawlik: They’re Play’n You

From Madoff to Enron, big name business scams and small-time snake-oil salesmen have come and gone. They were about money and power. Smaller scams are often not even considered newsworthy. Let’s not forget political scandals. Lists and pages wouldn’t cover … Continue reading

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